Unlock Your Communication Super Power with the Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ Tool

Have you ever wondered why some people communicate so effectively and seem to captivate their audience?

Are you curious about how you communicate and how your messages are received by clients and prospects?

Connie Whitman – International  Best-Selling Author and Business & Sales Mentor, and Creator of the Communication Style Assessment™

The Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ will provide a framework so you can easily identify your superpowers and challenges associated with your communication style combination.

Using this tool you will have an opportunity to learn about your communication style and sharpen your skills so you can take advantage of perfecting your personal style. Which will help you master business situations such as: asking for the sale, handling conflict with ease, being and influential leader, master meeting facilitation, and much more.

Isn’t it time you fulfill your full communication potential and let it be the power behind your success? Let us provide you with the first step towards communication mastery!

Meet Your CSA Characters

Innovative Organizer

As an Innovative Organizer, you are a natural entrepreneur and especially enjoy achieving lofty goals.

You are an Innovative and Ambitious Organizer with the following attributes:

 A data-driven decision-maker
 Creative
 Exceptional Executor
 Investigative
 Direct
 Driven


Heartfelt Advocate

As a Heartfelt Advocate, you may feel like you have the natural ability to be very insightful when presented with the opportunity to help others. Typically, you enjoy giving advice and supporting people to help them achieve their goals.

You are a Giving and Supportive Advocate with the following attributes:

 Supportive and Understanding
 People Problem Solver
 Sensitive and People Oriented
 Empathetic
 Compassionate listener
 Harmonious nature


Stimulating Motivator

As a Stimulating Motivator you may feel like you are very outgoing and enjoy meeting and dealing with all types of people in both your personal and professional life.

You may feel you are an Inspiring and Encouraging Motivator with the following attributes:

 Exudes Confidence
 High Energy
 Ability to quickly shift gears
 Optimistic and a Positive Thinker
 Known as a “Mover and Shaker”
 Serves as an inspiration and is adept at empowering others


Precise Assessor

As a Precise Assessor, you are an independent and discrete person. You are self-disciplined and a natural problem solver.

You are a Determined, Precise and Discrete person with the following attributes:

 Hard worker
 Methodical
 Analytical Nature
 Conscientious Dreamer
 Stable
 Critical Thinker

Observing Designer

As an Observing Designer, you enjoy thinking and solving problems creatively and logically.

You are an Observing Designer with the following attributes:

 Goal Oriented
 Focused
 Inventive
 Creative
 Innovative
 Genius


About Connie Whitman

Connie Whitman works with organizational leaders that manage earnest, energetic sales people who are ready to crush their goals―once they get their sales communication right. Her passion is teaching them to lead with authentic, caring, honest, and directness so clients say “Yes with career-building consistency.

It’s hard for leaders to understand each employee’s hidden communication talents and challenges. To eliminate sales frustration ― getting teams to be more proactive, and to live an entrepreneurial sales philosophy, Connie’s simplifies the sales process by using an easy to use step-by-step plan that builds relationships for individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole.

Working with her, salespeople discover the psychology of sales using her signature 7-Step Sales Process for building long-lasting client relationships. That way, participants shed past sticking points and challenges and leverage their communication superpowers for a two-way relationship that brings deep satisfaction and excitement for what’s next.

Today, Connie believes her four decades of sales success come from how she was raised by her loving parents. They taught her that using honest communication, doing the right thing, and showing up by working hard creates a life to be proud of. And that’s why she gets so excited when sales people finally realize they can look beyond their quotas and create greater success by focusing on authentic communication with ALL clients from a helpful, caring place that elevates their authority and expertise.

Connie is the president and CEO of her consulting firm, Whitman & Associates, DBA Changing the Sales Game, founded in 2001 to serve leaders in organizations. 

She is also excited to share her podcasts – Enlightenment of Change and Changing the Sales Games as a free resource for leaders and folks looking to fast-track their careers.

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