E:118 – Gail Kasper – The New Sales Process: Adjusting To Today’s Transparent World

CSG 118 | New Sales Process

  Connie’s motivational quote for today – Mark Roberge: “It’s no longer about interrupting, pitching, and closing. It is about listening, diagnosing, and prescribing.”   Check Out These Highlights: Lately, I feel like many sales trainers and consultants speak about building deep-rooted, transparent relationships as if this is a new concept in sales. […]

E:82 – Yvan Demosthenes – Recruiting Quality Talent Helps Businesses Thrive

CSG 82 | Recruiting Quality Talent

  Connie’s motivational quote today is by Mathew Caldwell: “Recruiting should be viewed as a business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business.”    Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z-GxvN7EHVU   Check Out These Highlights: As I look back over my corporate career, hiring the right […]