Success demands we defy our imaginary boundaries.Yohance Salimu

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Owning and running a business is not for the faint of heart. I know through the past 20 years, there have been some lean months and others where I felt like the Midas woman and everything I touched seemed to turn to gold. I have a feeling that most business owners don’t necessarily take a monthly paycheck, rather they pay themselves when there is extra money in the business cash flow for the month.

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How Business Failures Are Stepping Stones To Success With Amanda Bedell (EP. 113)


As you tune in to the show every week, I hope that you feel my passion and that the word sales needs to go from sleazy, pushy, and manipulation to love, care, and respect. If you’re not selling from a place of love, care, and respect, then my show is not the right show for you. I could share that. I use the word love a lot to help you shift your mindset. I get it. We beat ourselves up. We don’t want to feel sleazy and manipulative.

I’m going to give you a tool that will help you show up more empowered with your clients. It’s my free Communication Style Assessment. It’s pretty cool if I say so myself, but you get a report showing your natural superpower from a communication perspective and how you’re landing when you’re with other humans like clients, bosses, or whoever it might be.

The flip side is it also gives you a report on your lowest score, which is usually our blind spot and we don’t realize that we have a deficit in whatever that style of behavior or communication is. If you’re dealing or speaking with a client that is in your deficit, you want that report to understand that. Go to for your free Communication Style Assessment. My motivational quote is by Yohancé Salimu. Yohancé says, “Success demands we defy our imaginary boundaries.” Owning and running a business is not for the faint of heart. My guest could attest to that. I know through the past years, there have been some lean months and others where I felt I was the Midas woman.

Everything I touched turned to gold. I have a feeling that most business owners don’t necessarily take a monthly paycheck rather they pay themselves when there’s extra money maybe in the business or there’s cashflow for that month. My guest is Amanda Bedell. Amanda owns BCC Business Consulting, and she helps small business owners rate themselves bigger paychecks and take vacations without cashflow anxiety and endless calls from their staff. Amanda has spent many years in the marketing and public relations fields working with multi-million-dollar organizations and in the entertainment industry.

In between, she built a bakery business from a farmer’s market booth to a brick-and-mortar manufacturing facility employing fifteen people. Her intimate knowledge from scaling a business merged with her marketing and communication experience creates a holistic approach to businesses. Her work centers around employee relations, efficiency systems, and marketing strategies. I’m telling you, everybody needs a piece of Amanda. Amanda, thanks for being on the show.


About Amanda Bedell:

Amanda owns BCC Business Consulting, and she helps small business owners write themselves bigger paychecks and take vacations without cash flow anxiety and endless calls from staff.

Amanda spent over 18 years in the marketing and public relations fields, working with multi-million-dollar organizations and in the entertainment industry. In between, she built a bakery business from a farmers market booth to a brick-and-mortar and manufacturing facility employing 15 people. Her intimate knowledge from scaling a business merged with her marketing and communication experience creates a holistic approach to business. Her work centers around employee relations, efficiency systems, and marketing strategy.


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Thank you for having me. This is such a pleasure.

It’s always fun. You know I love our conversations. We met, and I call it speed dating, but it was speed networking. What did we have? Three minutes? We were like, “We got to meet again.” There was such a deep connection and we’ve spoken several times. Finally, she was ready to come on the show, which I’m excited about because you’re one of my favorite peeps out there. Let’s start. What are some of the strategic decisions that business owners can make that can actually encourage growth?


The 80/20 Rule And Its Application In Business

What I want people to think about when they’re looking at their business is the 80/20 rule. You know about the 80/20 rule maybe in dieting where you can eat chocolate 20% of the time, or you look at your closet or your bathroom, you’re likely using 20% of your clothes or those products 80% of the time. The same thing happens in our businesses.

20% of what we do each day generates 80% of our income. Isn’t that crazy? With my clients, I even dig further and times it by 4 to find the 1% that is generating 50% of your income. If you can visualize and think about what it would mean to your business if you found that 1% thing that is generating 50% of your income, how would that change your business?

It becomes an exponential growth with less angst, anxiety, and stress. I love the 80/20 rule. I share that all the time. It’s funny it applies to our communication too. When we are talking to people, it could be personal or professional, it doesn’t matter, maybe 20% of the time so 2 out of 10 people we talked to talked like us. They communicate, think, and are wired like us. 80% or 8 out of 10 times, we’re talking to people not like us. Think about the power if you can shift how you’re communicating so you’re hitting 10 out of 10 people where they are. It’s pretty powerful stuff. That’s one skill that we’re talking about. The 80/20 rule is alive and well in everything we do in our life.

If you put a magnifying glass on that 20%, you’re going to love this, that’s our leads. There are five things that makeup that 20%. It’s leads, conversions, numbers of transactions, pricing, and profit. That’s one takeaway for those tuning in. Look at your leads, conversions, transactions, pricing, and profit. That’s the 20%. What do you have to do now? The one thing that you have to do now is to turn up the volume on 1 of those 5 areas and you’re following the 80/20 rule.

CSG 113 | Business Failures
Business Failures: According to the 80/20 Rule, the 20% is composed of leads, conversions, numbers of transactions, pricing, and profit.


You spoke about turning up the volume. Now how do we turn down the volume? It’s so freaking noisy out there and everybody is saying the same crap. It’s maddening because your inbox is full. We waste time reading this stuff, but what’s relevant and what’s not? How can business owners know that they’re making the right marketing decisions so they rise above that noise and are able to stand alone be a peacock and show their feathers?

CSG 113 | Business Failures

The messages aren’t slowing down. We’re now seeing 10,000 messages a day as people who are active on social media and have a large presence online. For somebody who maybe isn’t on social media and watches TV, it might be 5,000 to 6,000 a day. Still, that’s a lot. We’re seeing a lot of marketing messages. We all hate being sold to, but we love buying stuff.


Identifying Your Ideal Client

We love buying stuff so this goes right in line with what you preach, Connie. You have to attract your superstar client or customer. How do you do that? You do that with your voice and the messages you create. Break through the noise and create a dog whistle-like message, one that eliminates all the white noise and stands up among the people who want to hear it and see it. You have to get down to the fundamentals of what your message is.

To do that, you have to know who your target customer is. I know marketers talk about this target customer and it’s all superficial. You’re looking at demographics and the picket fence. How much money are they making? Do they have kids? All of that. Dig deeper. Think about what their psychology is and why someone buys from you. If that separates them from the white picket fence 40-year-old woman that has two kids, there’s more to her than that. If you’re marketing to that demographic, you’re only scratching the surface. You would need to go to the fundamental of what people do and why they buy.

I have to share with you and we spoke about this in our first meeting that you’re marketing and I’m sales. They’re two different things. It’s beautiful marriage but they’re two very different things. I’m not good at marketing. I know my messaging is off or whatever but I don’t know how to fix it. I know sales, so when you and I chat, I ask you a lot of questions too because you’re a marketing and sales genius.

Here’s the piece of the puzzle. I struggled with this when I started the digital piece of my business in 2020 with COVID. I kept hearing people say, “Who’s your avatar? Who’s your ideal client?” I’m like, “I don’t know who my ideal client is.” They’re like, “Give it a name. Who’s that person? What do they look like?” I kept thinking, “I don’t understand what that has to do with what I’m going to offer.”

Here’s the funny thing. Two years later, there are a lot of conversations, but you are the one who made me see it, even with more clarity in one of the conversations we had, believe it or not. Here’s why. The ideal person for me knows they’re good and they’re making money. They know that when it comes to sales, they may not be 100% comfortable, but they get it. They get the importance and their vibe and they’re not manipulating. They’re my people. They’re coming from a place of love, care, and respect.

They also know that they don’t know everything about sales because they run their business. They know they’re pretty good at it. They know what skill they have and that they have blind spots. You said this before we started. You said, “I know I’m there, but I need to tweak that last little piece.” They’re my right client because they’re proactively seeking, “What don’t I know?”

They’re proactively looking for the blind spot. They find that in sales, I could keep doing what I’m doing and amplify my sales skills so that instead of making $10,000 this month, I can make $50,000 this month. It’s that tweaking. That’s my ideal client. They’re business owners and corporate clients and all that, but they know they’re proactively seeking a solution to a blind spot they’re not sure of but they know that they’re leaving money on the table.

Are they men and women? Yes. Are they 30s and 60s? Yes. Are they in business for five years? Yes. Twenty years? Yes. That threw me off for the longest time. That was the piece when you said, “Think of the psychology,” but my people have to be proactive. I can’t force you to do something and I don’t want to work with people that I have to force. I want people to come to the table going, “Lay it on me. What do we need to do? Let’s get the pedal to the metal and make a difference. What am I missing? Teach me. Let me go and do it.”

For the people tuning in who are like, “How do you get there? I have no idea even how to start.” Have you met them? Have you met your superstar client? What I mean by that is everything that you do with them is smooth as butter. They eat out of your hands. They want more. They’re there for you and they’ll buy anything from you. All of the work is easy, so put that person into the front.

If you haven’t met them yet, do it in networking and try to find those chasing goosebump moments. If I feel goosebumps when I’m talking to you, you are my ideal client. It’s not necessarily even my brain anymore that’s making the choice. It’s my body. I am in line with and listening to, “Is this person going to be ready for what I can do with their business?”

When you get goosebump moments when talking to someone, that is your ideal client. Trust your body when it is making the choice for you. Share on X

It’s not just marketing, but it’s the foundational pieces that move them from 20 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour. It’s each step of the way so we don’t go 20 to 50. We go 20 to 25 then to 30, but are you ready for that? It’s going back to envision them and they say, “Put a name to them,” but I say, “Put a person to them.” Even if you’re a small business that is starting out and has no idea who your ideal client is, who’s your best friend? What do you love about your mom, best friend, husband, or partner and the way that they are? Start to put together that character in a way that is deeper than the superficial.

You want to know what’s also funny now that you said that. You make me think, which I love. I love thinking and being curious about a topic. You bring that out of me. It’s why I enjoy our conversations all the time. They stimulate me. The other piece of the puzzle for me is all of those things that I said are proactive, but my ideal client doesn’t have my personality. I seem to attract a lot of more introverted people, although you’re not introverted at all, just a little bit, but people of the opposite personality.

This is fascinating. I enjoy those relationships because people with different personalities have different communication styles than me. They communicate and think differently. They approach a situation from the back door room coming from the front door and vice versa. I was picking your brain before we started. I was like, “Tell me that again. What does that mean and how did you use that with a client?” It’s because your brain works differently than mine.

I’m curious about that because it makes my brain work better when I can understand. My clients are always like, “That was a good question,” but I needed to know that answer to be able to help them with their sales conversations. Having that different perspective and me being curious, that’s another piece of the puzzle. Most people are not gregarious. I do have some high-energy people, but not like me. I don’t want to work with people like me. Isn’t that funny?

It’s oil and water. It’s like you’re competing for who’s in front and whatever it is. In my conversations with small business owners, niching is scary. I know from being a bakery owner, that feeling like you’re leaving somebody out in your marketing hurts. Inclusion is one of my values. It felt like I was excluding people from my bakery when I decide to go gluten-free or whatever niche you decide for your business. If you’re a service-based business and you work well with someone like Connie’s ideal client, you might feel the struggling business owner that owns a construction company needs to put food on the table for their family. You want to help them too.


Marketing Messages And Avoiding Gimmicks

Know that when you niche, it’s about marketing. It’s not marketing to everyone. When you’re marketing to everyone, you end up marketing to no one because the world is so noisy. We’re going back to the beginning of what we were talking about. In niching, you have a circle of characteristics and there are people outside that circle that are going to see your messages and they might resonate. That’s when you’ll start attracting other people. That’s okay. You’re not excluding. You’re making sure that it’s easy for somebody who needs your product and you want to work with to buy from you.

You want to make it easy for the client. That’s our job. Otherwise, why would they want to work with us if working with me is difficult? How could someone increase their conversion rates?

That’s going right in line with that when we’re thinking about the buyer’s journey. It is where I want to go with this. Making it easy for people to buy from you means that you, as the business owner, have nothing to do with your marketing message. It hurts because we’re building these businesses and we talk about them all the time, but the way that we talk about them doesn’t help the buyer in their decision-making process.

Making it easy for people to buy from you means that you, as the business owner, have nothing to do with your marketing message. Share on X

When you put your customer hat on, think about the last time you bought something of significance. For some people, this is a $10 item but for other people, it’s a $5,000 item, anywhere in between and above. There is a process that you go through in order to make a buying decision. Build in that process for your own customers. Instead of selling and creating a message that is about buying now, we need to bring people on a journey to learn more so that they can make the right decision for themselves if you’re the right vendor.

You said something that I wanted to laugh hardily out loud and I’m controlling myself. It’s so funny. How aggressive do I get with this comment I want to make? As I am getting deeper into this digital realm, building my presence, and all of those things, there are a lot with the viewpoint of seize the moment now, make it, and it’s a little car sales-ish to me, where if you leave, the deal is off the table. I would never say that to a prospect. If you don’t buy from me, the deal is off the table. What? It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

I understand marketing and a sense of urgency because we don’t want people to kick the tires for two years and waste our time. I get that but would never say that to a client. Here’s my feeling. We’ve been talking for a couple of months now and you’re clear to me when we get this and I get this, you’re like, “You’re in my speed dial, Con.” You have a clear progression. You know where you’re going and when you’re going to need my help. I have not asked for business from her because it’s ridiculous. She’s not ready for me yet.

Why would I be like, “The deal ends at the end of 2020?” It’s ridiculous. Know who’s in front of you and they’re your ideal client. Sometimes, they do have to get some ducks in a row. You have to give people that breathing room versus that sense of urgency. In marketing, I understand the sense of urgency. Please don’t be a sleaze away. Don’t do it. I had a comment. That was my rant.

There are multiple reasons why people don’t buy now. They’re not ready. There’s fear. There are financial constraints. Maybe they don’t have the support that they need from their family or friends in order to make the move having them try to buy into it. There are seven. There’s a psychological one. I teach this. Even going back to the conversion rate, 95 of the websites out on the internet appeal to people to buy now.

To your point, forcing that with that countdown of the deals off the table if you don’t buy the $10.99 thing, it’s sensationalized and a dying trend. It’s sexy marketing and these marketing technologies and the way to do things easier, faster, and better will not be the long game. What you need to know is this quote, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do. Don’t wish that it were easier. Wish you were better.”

CSG 113 | Business Failures
Business Failures: Forcing countdown deals to your target market is a sensationalized and a dying trend. These sexy marketing will not be the long game.


I have to comment on that, too. My readers know me. A lot of them have been following me for a long time. I told you I have three coaches right now. People go, “What?” I have many blind spots like everybody else. You got to be real with yourself. It’s funny, one of the coaches is a writing coach, Brian Morgan, a good friend of mine here in Jersey. He is brilliant. I was sharing with you before we started, every other Wednesday night, it’s late night and I’m exhausted, but I do it. The conversation is so stimulating. The writing and the perspective to approach writing so we rise above the noise is brilliant. It’s truly being a thought leader and not following what everybody is doing.

It’s hard because I want to sound like everybody else, and I’m not like everybody else. I’ve learned through this writing coach, this writing class, and the people in the class who are at such a higher level of thoughtfulness. When I say thoughtfulness and business to differentiate themselves from the noise, my avatar has even become even more refined. As I said to you, I always enjoy our conversations. It’s thought-provoking. I need that as part of my business now because it’s a higher level of connectivity. I get intimate.

I don’t mean that in a weird way, Amanda, but I do get intimate with my clients if we don’t have that mutual curiosity and thought leadership at work. There’s a lot of philosophy. We don’t have to agree but I want to hear your thought. It helps me know you better and then I know what your clients need to know about you. There’s a whole science behind it. That’s another piece where I’ve refined my ideal person that they have to be thought-provoking and not, “I want to make money, Connie. How do I do that?” That’s not the client for me. I know you’re the same way.

That’s how you increase your conversion rate. You stand out because you are not them. When you said, “I want to be everyone else. Why can’t I put posts up on Facebook and make it look like this one person who has millions of followers?” I got to tell you, as a business owner, turn off the goddamn Instagram because you are not that person. If you want to be that person, then learn from them. You got to put your own spin on it. It’s not going to be magic. You turn this on and all of a sudden, all of the money and all of the clients are going to come to you. You have to be yourself and truly take pieces of what people are doing.

You don’t want to be everybody else you see on social media. Learn from them instead and put your own spin on it. You have to be yourself and take the pieces of what other people are doing. Share on X

Again, when you’re doing tactical marketing, which is social media, that is not the way to wealth. It’s the foundational pieces that we talked about earlier in the show. Who is my ideal client? What is my market-dominating position? How am I standing out amongst all of the people that sell what I sell? There are plenty of business coaches and salespeople, but why would people come to me? That has to do with the ideal client and then what you offer to people. Putting your ideal client at the forefront of what you’re saying will attract them.

Isn’t that more fun to work with people who appreciate what you bring to the table and you’re able to appreciate them? Again, that’s how intimacy is. The trust is built at such a very deep level. That’s how you build your community. I’m all about community because I want to be able to refer 1 million people to Amanda.

Hopefully, she refers to me and our people are like, “You two are the dynamic duo.” That, to me, would be the best compliment ever. You got to build it but we have to build business and integrity. I’ve been doing this maybe too long but I’m seeing a lot of people out of integrity because they’re chasing the dollar and what everybody else is doing.

It’s got to be your own voice. What’s funny as you were saying that, when I do my training on my workshop, one of the questions I ask the group because I engagement, is, “What do you think is the secret sauce to sell success? Put it in chat.” What they do is they put you. I say, “You meaning you or you meaning me?” They go, “Connie.”

I go, “You’re all wrong. I’m not the secret sauce. I have the science behind and I could teach you the skills so that you could rinse and repeat and duplicate. You are the secret sauce. You cannot talk like me. I cannot talk like you. I can teach each of you the skills you need to develop that maybe you’re not strong in all aspects of communication with the seven-step model.”

You are the secret sauce, Amanda, in your world. That’s interesting too that they want to have my voice. Don’t do that because of your personality and behavioral style. You can never be me and I could never be you. That’s when it gets weird. That’s when we feel like we’re failing all the time because we’re not being true to who we are. Our own voice, reality, values, alignment, and all of these things that you hear are at the core of what we’re doing and what our business should be. It’s got to be your heart and soul that come through, not somebody else’s.


The Importance Of A Coach And Vulnerability

I have to pick up on what you’re putting down because what I heard was a speech about vulnerability. I fought vulnerability and I still do. In the bakery experience that I had, I did not want to show the inside of my business. From the outside, the place was seemingly successful. We had a loyal customer base and a presence in the community. I was a face in the business community. It was seemingly amazing. I never let any of the financial struggles that were inside that space out. I say that because I know that people who are tuning in might be in the smaller business, main street business, or a sales business.

The coach wave is pretty high. It’s coming up. Everybody and their mothers are coaches. I have to say that having the opportunity to have somebody that knew the inside of my business may have saved me in my bakery business. I first didn’t go to a coach because I didn’t want to be vulnerable and show the inside and I didn’t want to break. I thought that if someone saw the inside, I would break. It turns out I broke anyways.

Isn’t that fascinating? Here’s the thing, Amanda. You’ve done a real nice job of reinventing yourself. By the way, we all have to reinvent. I don’t even know the number of times I’ve reinvented myself through the years. Each time, you’re better. Your soul and heart are better. I feel like I’m a better human. I’m a little bit kinder and more empathetic.

It has to start with yourself. That’s not easy. It’s ironic. I wonder, not that we ever want to go back because that experience brought you to where you are now and your ability to help all these other businesses because of that. I’m going to use the word failure, but it’s not a failure because you learned so much from it. It’s who you are now because of that moment in time. That’s what it is.

I see that curiosity in me. What if you had hired a coach, could you have turned it around? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s the thing. I believe we’re all on a journey. That wasn’t supposed to work out for you because you’re needed on a bigger scale than a local bakery. Not that there’s no value in that. I love bakeries, by the way, everybody, so send me cookies if you want. I’ll give you my mailing address. It’s not about being a small business owner in a town, but you’re meant for much bigger things. If you hadn’t gone through that story, you wouldn’t be able to do what you’re doing now. I believe that we are where we need to be at this moment in time.


Embracing Change And Overcoming Challenges

To be honest, what happened and what in the sequence it happened ended up becoming exactly what I needed and what the world needed. It turned out to be great but it was so painful in the middle of it. I don’t think that we talk enough about change and the pain that goes from letting go, grief, and pain in between change. Here I am, three years later on the other side and I feel as though I can talk eloquently. This was not the way that I was even a year ago. It still was super painful. I couldn’t see the future of what I was going to be and how I was going to use this experience. I needed to quiet down to build back up.

I needed to stop spinning and stop being so mad at myself for the failure and then mad at myself for staying for too long or all of this stuff. There are tons of stuff there. There was also fear, financial constraints, and all of that. That got me to go and say yes to every project. It got me into this spiral of survivalism. It wasn’t until the pandemic, which was a silver lining, that I not only got to get healthy but also got to be quiet enough to listen to where the path was and where I was supposed to go.


The Value Of Slowing Down

We’re out of time, but I do have to share. That was so eloquent, Amanda, and vulnerable. I do appreciate that. I had the flu in October 2022. I don’t get sick. The last time I went to the doctor was probably a decade ago. I go to my holistic doctor for my blood work to keep my hormones and vitamin levels and make sure I keep tabs on all of the internal workings. I do live a healthy life, knock on wood, but I got the flu. I was in bed for two weeks. I couldn’t lift my head. I’m in bed with a headache, aches, vomiting, and fever.

My husband and I have been married for 30 years this year 2023. He says, “I’ve known you for 32 years. I’ve never seen you this sick.” The funny thing was in the end, my husband wouldn’t come near me again because he was like, “Don’t give me the flu.” He slept downstairs the whole time. I was quarantined to my room, which was fine, but in the end, I came back and I said, “I did a lot of thinking because I couldn’t do anything else.”

Even when I had COVID, I was still working. I didn’t have meetings because I was coughing. The cough was disturbing. I was working because I felt fine. With the flu, I didn’t. I had some downtime and I said to my husband, “I can’t keep doing this and this that I went through. I’ve been a crazy person. What is wrong with me?”

Slowing down helped me speed up. My body knew it. The universe made me sick with the flu but I needed it. I needed to have that reboot of my brain and my heart to some extent. When you’re on that treadmill or you’re on that hamster wheel, you just go. We’re missing an opportunity. We’re not resting and not doing the things that we need. You need to slow down and speed up. It’s well said. I did learn that the universe forced me to learn that in those two weeks of being down for the count. I have never missed two weeks of work in my decades of working, even with my kids.

I was out for six weeks. I was calling and checking on my staff. They’re like, “Leave us alone.” I’m like, “No way.” I’ve never been down for the count for two weeks to be incapacitated like that. What you’re saying is so valuable. It’s hard when you’re in the moment to be vulnerable and see what you need. That’s why coaches like you are needed out there because we can’t see what we can’t see. We do have those blind spots.

Everybody, I know you need more of Amanda in your life. I love having Amanda in my life. I’m lucky. She’s in my orbit. Go to her website, it’s Email Amanda if you have questions directly for her. It’s Also, she has a free gift. Quickly, tell everybody what the free gift is, and thank you for offering that. I do love that.

It’s my eWorkbook. It will give you instant implementative strategies so that you can put to work what we had talked about. It’s those foundational strategies. There are eight of them in there, but you can fill out the workbook and implement them yourself.

Thank you so much for sharing that with my peeps. I love giving free gifts and tools. Again, I started with, “It’s all about the application.” If you don’t apply something different now, you’re never going to get the result. When should you start? What’s the old saying? When should you plant the acorn to build the tree? Twenty years ago. How about starting now and twenty years from now, you’ll have your beautiful tree? Implementation, for me, is where the magic happens so thank you.

I got this quote from James Clear, the Atomic Habits, “You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” Put those systems into place. What better time than to start now?

CSG 113 | Business Failures
Atomic Habits

He was on my show. He was one of my favorites. Another quick little tip for everybody. A friend of mine followed him and he was a blogger and she’s like, “He wrote this book Atomic Habits.” I’m like, “I like the name but I don’t know him.” She’s like, “He should be on your show.” I reached out and you get a link. It says, “You need 100,000 followers and you need to be in 1 million countries.” I wasn’t nearly with. This was a few years ago. Here’s the tip, guys. I thought, “What have you got to lose?” I sent an email and said, “I see all your requirements. I don’t fall into this category and in this category.”

I had read his book before I reached out to him, which blew my mind. It’s one of the best. It’s James Clear’s Atomic Habits. If you haven’t read it, read it. It’ll change your life. It’s all about the small systems changes. Anyway, I put that and I said, “Here is what my peeps are looking for and where my exposure is. I’d be honored to have you on. I wanted to be honest. I didn’t want to lie to you.”

In twenty minutes, he responded and said, “I loved your email. How humble are you? I totally want to be on your show,” and I had him on my show. Had I not asked thinking his requirements are off the chart, he could have ignored me. That could have been the result. I had James Clear on my show, Atomic Habits, and he is freaking brilliant. What another brilliant soul out there making his mark.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

That was my last tip of the day. Amanda, thank you. I love you. I love all of you and I hope you enjoy me weekly as we question, build, and discover together that sales is a beautiful thing. It’s love, care, and respect, not icky and manipulative. Get that out of your head right now. I do hope that my guests and I provide alternatives to that old way of thinking so that we can build a business and build our careers. If you work for a corporate client from a place of grace and ease, not from hard knocks, the school of hard knocks doesn’t work.

Thank you again, Amanda, for your brilliance, and thank you all for joining me. I wish you all a wonderful inspired week. Please take a tip and idea that Amanda shared in this episode. Implement and report back as to what the reaction and the results are. Use her free gift as well and fill it out. See where you end up. You got to do something different to create the changes you’re looking for. Thank you, Amanda. Thank you all for tuning in. Always a pleasure and I’m truly honored to have you on this journey with me. I’ll see you all next episode. Have a great one.


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