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For me, marketing, and Public Relations is a necessary part of the business.  My zone of genius is sales so when it comes to marketing, PR, and other types of promotions I am vulnerable and have many blind spots. So how do I navigate through my blind spots?  I meet and interview amazing guests, like my guest today.


Connie’s motivational quote for today is by – unknown: “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.”


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Shannon, the go-to guide for visionaries seeking to create community and cultivate raving fans. Shannon is the founder of the Business Acceleration Network, a Trailblazing Community for Conscious Business owners who are here to make an impact.


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Shannon Procise – Press Kits And PR That Generate New Business

I’m happy that you’re here and joining us. As you read the show, I hope you feel my passion for helping you on your journey. We’re all selling all the time, whether we realize that or not, that’s number one. Sometimes when we think about sales, we get that knot in our stomach that we feel that icky and sleazy perspective. That’s not okay with me. I have a gift for you to help you on your journey of changing your paradigm of thinking about sales. It’s my free communication style assessment. It is important to know how your message is landing with the people that you speak with. If you take my communication style assessment link, you get two reports.

It spotlights your superpowers and how naturally you show up. You need to know that so that we can leverage it and lean into it. On the flip side, you’ll receive a report with your lowest score, which is the style that you probably have a little bit more effort communicating with. Being mindful of that and shining a light on that blind spot hopefully will help you with all your communication and conversations with bosses, colleagues, prospects or whomever it might be. If you’re loving the show, please subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. Share because sharing is caring and rate and review. I do read the reviews and I’m touched by some of the things that people are saying about the show. I’m honored. I thank you. I do appreciate those comments.

To get us in the zone for this conversation, I have a motivational quote. That quote is by unknown. Unknown said, “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” I know that marketing and public relations are necessary parts of a business. My zone of genius is sales. It is not PR and marketing. What do I do when it comes to those two topics or getting the message out there from the digital framework? I’m vulnerable and I have blind spots. I have to hire people to help me where that is their zone of genius.

I have a guest whose zone of genius is all about marketing and PR. She’s amazing. It’s Shannon Procise, the go-to guide for visionaries seeking to create community and cultivate raving fans. She is the Founder of the Business Acceleration Network, a trail-blazing community for conscious business owners who are here to make an impact. Please help me welcome my amazing friend and wonderful guest to the show. Shannon, thanks for being on.

Thank you so much. We need each other because, at the end of the day, I can help people get PR and marketing but if they can’t close the sale or have that system of follow-up and communication, then we need each other. When I met you, I was like, “This is a match made in heaven.”


CSG 114 | Marketing And PR


When we met, we said that. I remember we were in an event where we were talking that I’m going to be a mentor at your program, which we’ll talk about in this episode. You have it ongoing. For our future readers, don’t worry, we’ve got your back too. When we met, I said 2 or 3 things, “Are you going to do?” You’re like, “That’s why I need you in my community because even though you’re great at marketing and PR, I don’t see things on the marketing and PR side. That’s not where our focus has been for most of our career.” You get good at things but that doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. That’s why I’m excited to have you on because promotion and telling our story are important and that’s your zone of genius. My first question is what got you started in the marketing and public relations space?

I was passionate. I was paralyzed after surgery. I was in a car wreck, had surgery and ended up being paralyzed. I went through months of trying to figure out what to do. I had no more insurance. I ended up meeting a Qigong master. After a few classes, I started getting movement in my arm. After two months, I got a full range in my body and I was like, “There are all of these incredible modalities out there that most people don’t know about.” I got passionate about learning and studying more. I ended up doing my first event. I was a single mom with no money. I’m like, “I got to get people to these events.” I started studying PR and marketing. Do you remember when they tore down the Brooklyn Bridge?


They sold little pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge. I ended up finding and working with a gentleman who got millions of dollars in a free press. I loved his way of doing it. I started doing events and bringing people together. I found that to get a sale, you have to get people there to talk to and how important it was. I went from being paralyzed and challenged to inspired, motivated and wanting to help a lot of people because there are a lot of people that are good at what they do but when it comes to getting the sales, in front of people or telling their story, that’s where a lot of them need help.

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When I network, I’m always looking to support other business owners. I’ll say, “What’s your ideal client?” They go on and on and then I ask more questions, “Is there an industry?” They’re like, “I never thought about that.” You need to think about that because you’re giving me this vast amount of people but they’re not in my world. In my mind, “I’m thinking I can’t help you,” whereas if you were very strategic, I might have ten people that will pop into my head and be like, “I could do an intro email to those ten people directly to you. I’ll forget about going through my whole email list that isn’t appropriate. If you don’t know, I don’t know.”

I’ll share a funny story now that you said that. When I first started in sales many years ago, it was insurance and they were like, “Before you leave, you get three referrals and you ask them to pull out their Rolodex in the day or their address book.” That never made me comfortable because I thought, “I don’t know who their family and friends are. Can they help them? Are they in my zone of genius?” What I started doing is I didn’t follow that philosophy because I thought it was pushy and obnoxious, to be honest.

Can you imagine I meet you for the first time and being like, “Can you pull out your address book so you can introduce me to three people?” It’s like, “These people don’t even know me. They’re meeting me for the first time.” Fast forward, what do you do? You still need to get in front of more people. The referral aspect is important but I didn’t know what to tell them. Once I got to know them, I’d be like, “You mentioned your brother. He’s in this situation. Do you know what I can help him with?” I would throw out an idea and go, “No pressure. If you want me to have a conversation, I’d love to help them. It might be worth exploring because this is a blind spot.”

I got more referrals that way because it was very targeted. I knew what I was asking for because I understood whom I was speaking with. That’s the other thing. What you described is we need to be strategic, not just throw crap against the wall. Marketing and PR are everywhere. When you’re everywhere, you’re nowhere.

Could somebody work with you? I’m sitting here. We help people with their elevator pitches and things like that. Could somebody hire you and work with you to help them with that pitch for networking? Is that something that you’ve done or do you have a course on that? That is so important. People don’t realize that that’s like a faucet. To me, that’s the foundation. How are you sharing what you do with others?

You have a workshop for a value statement.

They are elevator pitches.

You do work with people. Here’s the thing. I’m curious about what you have found. When I go to a live networking event versus a Zoom networking event, it’s very different. You have a little bit more time live even though you want to be brief and concise but they are smiling and engaging. You’re introducing other people. There’s a little bit more body language going on. When we’re in the Zoom rooms, you have such a limited attention span, plus you have multiple people that have to give their value statement.

You want to get it locked and loaded in less than that 30 seconds. For me, sometimes you have 50 people in a Zoom room and they say, “Put what you do in the chat.” People put five paragraphs. I’m not reading it and not working with them. You got to get it down to that 17 to 20 words and you should have a Linktree link so that I can find you on LinkedIn and all of those things after. You should not have five million links either. There are certain behaviors that you and I see that open the door to having the sales conversation.

Before I got on this interview with you, you gave tips, which I knew when you get on these but what you shared with the Linktree and that message, all of these little touchpoints are sales, even our email signatures and everything that we do. I want to highlight that that is such a huge gift because it’s true. We don’t read all of them. I look for short ones. I look for people that are to the point. I’ll even click on the links if they’re there. You are a gem.

You mentioned free publicity with the Brooklyn Bridge. Can anyone get free publicity?

Anybody can get free publicity. What’s fascinating about my gift is I can sit with people, give 15 minutes and I can come up with 40 stories, articles, things and ideas that you can write about. It’s a myth. People think, “You have to be a nonprofit.” No. You just have to have a good story. That’s what it is.

A story that has meaning, movement and action for what we want other people to do. Before we started, we were talking about the clarity of that conversation and connection. We had a meeting because I’m going to be a mentor in your program. I said, “I have five questions for you. These are the things that I’m missing so I could show up prepared. You had the answers for me.” This clarity of communication is important. We are hot messes instead of figuring out, “What are my stories that are applicable to tell that show my point but also create this action?” We’re letting people know how to connect with us as you did. That’s important. Give us some ideas of what free publicity that’s out there.

I focus on three ways of getting free publicity. 1) Education. We all have tools, tips, strategies, ideas and things that we use to share so that you can get free press. You can get articles and on TV. If there’s an education or awareness piece that you share, it is great. The other piece is community giveback. If I’m doing specific things like this event that you keep talking about, the Media Magic Bootcamp, we use a portion of proceeds that go to sponsor young entrepreneurs. We sponsor young entrepreneurs in the program. Anytime you’re giving back to the community or paying it forward, they love that good news and place.

The other one is human interest. You heard me talk about the paralyzed shoulder, Erin Brockovich and Gandhi. We have all of these human-interest movies. People love human interest stories. You’ll notice that there’s a lot of constant negative news. I said three things that we tend to focus on. Those things can talk about the problem. If you’re educating somebody, you can talk about the challenge.

Part of what we do at Media Magic is we want to spread good news and information. The three things that we focus on are personal human interest and where’s adversity overcame. We all have more than one. Education and then the community give back or events are ways that the community can benefit from what you’re doing.

CSG 114 | Marketing And PR
Marketing And PR: Part of what we do at Media Magic is to spread good news and information.


All three are important. I didn’t know that you were paralyzed. In all the conversations we’ve had, I didn’t know that. Here’s the thing. You are a single mom. We have catalysts in our life of one foot in front of the other. You don’t have a choice here because you have kids that are depending on you, yet you’re paralyzed. That’s an inspiring story that through whatever, the opportunity presented for you to meet these holistic modalities that ended up healing you, is magic. You’re excited to share that story and your story and then with the Media Magic. Everybody has a journey. When you can share that journey with clarity as you did, it inspires people to say, “If she did it, maybe I can do that.”

“How did she do that? That’s fascinating. I’m interested.” That might be their next step. It’s always about that next step of action. I don’t think people always know where it goes. The story is a nice way to help people move forward with a tangible example so that they could say, “She sounds like me. I had a situation like that. Not that I was paralyzed but I was a single mom and didn’t know where my next food was or where I was going to buy the food for the kid.”

“Let me check out Shannon because I have a business and maybe I’m not exposing myself properly.” These are the dots that we could connect through this show, our meetings and different things. You talk about a press kit. We’re getting the right information out there. What are the five essentials or the essentials when you help people put their press kit together?

The most powerful thing out of all this, which does involve your story is what I call The Expert Power Bio. That is about you. A lot of people like doctors will use CVs or resumes for jobs. Those are important but this is the story about you. The Expert Power Bio is used to attract speaking gigs and for me to close 4 or 5-figure deals. It’s a way to let people know who you are through text. The other piece is having a press release ready. Anytime you contact the media, they’re going to want to know to send us something. To be able to have that ready is important. Also having any company marketing materials, business cards, brochures and websites are things that are important to have ready.

I always tell people, “If you’re a startup and you’re just getting started, you don’t have to have all these things and get together to make money.” We know as salespeople that this illusion that you have to have everything in order is an illusion. I have somebody that reached out to me and just started a business. We started talking about websites and all of this stuff. She started getting overwhelmed. I said, “Go out and beat on some doors.” Within two days, she went and knocked on some doors with a business card and a flyer and she closed some deals.

CSG 114 | Marketing And PR
Marketing And PR: We know as salespeople that this illusion that you have to have everything in order is just an illusion.


As I’m sharing this, know that we can be unstoppable. You don’t have to have all these together. These are things to be ready and set yourself up for success. The other thing is action photos. A lot of times people will use headshots which are important but in free publicity when I first shared my story about being paralyzed, it said, “Send me a photo.” I sent them a headshot. They didn’t print it. I was like, “What am I? Chopped liver?” They didn’t like how I looked.

Once I started looking into it and studying it, then the next one I ended up getting was a huge photo. It’s me standing next to somebody pointing at a brochure. It was an action photo. That’s important. Any former press clipping, speaker sheets, speaker reels, anytime that you’ve been in the media before, are great so that they can link, see, hear or read you to include in the press kit.

I have one more thing that is good for business. That is an order form. When I book speakers, I want to know what you are selling and offering. I don’t turn that in for media news, radio or TV but as an event producer, a lot of times, your medium is speaking everything. We’re sharing here that it doesn’t have to be radio, TV or print. It could be speaking in front of a crowd of 1,000 people or whatever that is. A lot of event producers want to know what are your offerings and how that work. For me, it’s to navigate so I can share, “Connie has this. You need to go here. I have another speaker. Make sure that you guys play well together.”

I like to be able to know what is it that people offer. I found that a lot of people are not receiving the money they want because they’re not prepared to receive the money they want. I work with a lot of non-profits. They’ll come to me and say, “I’m looking for sponsors.” I go, “Let me see your sponsor deck.” They don’t have a sponsor deck. There are certain things to be ready so that I can give you money and understand what it is I’m purchasing or investing in.

A lot of people are not receiving the money they want because they're not prepared to receive the money they want. Click To Tweet

It goes back to clarity. We think we need it and then what do we need? We need to peel back that onion and start with something that’s going to start bringing revenue in. If we have revenue, then you could build the correct website, do it right the first time and spend that little extra money to get it in the right person’s hands to be able to honor and deliver what you need. If you don’t have the income coming in, we’re looking for the cheapest version. A lot of times, we end up doing it 3 or 4 times because we did it wrong the first time. We’re wasting time and money because we don’t have that income coming in. I love what you said. You make recommendations so people get the revenue and then they can move forward with these other pieces of the puzzle.

My philosophy is the same. Stop doing that. Let’s get money coming in and then we can add that piece to the puzzle. You can then hire me as a one-on-one coach. Do the group program first. We move the needle, you get money coming in and then you can hire me one-on-one. We can move the needle quicker but don’t start there because you don’t have the money for that. It’s all about figuring out the finances and time but using it all effectively and efficiently.

We move the needle as quickly as we can because it’s always about generating revenue back so we can do more, whatever that means to you like the charitable piece. If I have a lot of income coming in, I’m happy to give a percentage to that charity or whatever it might be and that give back you do for the young entrepreneurs. These pieces of the puzzle are important. The other thing you said is about the speaker’s reel. What if someone has never spoken before? How do you get that speaker’s reel? You’re my first time speaking. I’m coming to your place. It’s the first time I’ve ever spoken. What do I show you to show who I am?

You can hop on Zoom and make a personal, “Welcome. Hi, I’m Connie. This is what I do,” and speak to them. You can also write something to them. When I’m hiring people, I ask them to write to me. If they follow instructions or not, determines what works for them. If you don’t have a speaker reel, then look at where can you record yourself. We help people put together speaker reels. We can do that with photos and voiceover. That’s something that they can do.

There are different levels of businesses. There’s a startup. What we’ve found with startups is a lot of them are focused on social media, infrastructure and things like that. When I heard you talk, what came to my heart and mind is you were out of sequence if you were focused on social media. I love my social media friends but if you need revenue, you need to bring a coach on your team that’s going to help you generate sales.

We are living in this illusion of, “Social media and some of these aspects are going to bring me money,” but at the end of the day, “I can get you on Fox, ABC and NBC and all of these things. We’ll help you craft that message to generate that.” If they get on the phone with you and you can’t close the sale, then that’s what it is. I had to say it because when most people get over 6 or 7 figures, they’re not concerned about some of what a lot of startups are. You highlighted for me how a lot of people are out of sequence. If you’re not generating money, you should put a pause on some of those things you’re doing and engage with somebody that’s going to help you generate sales.

CSG 114 | Marketing And PR
Marketing And PR: If you’re not generating money, you should put a pause on some of the things you’re doing and engage with somebody that’s going to help you generate sales.


When COVID hit, all of my stuff prior to COVID was live. I spoke, taught and networked live. I met with my clients live. Everything was live and then the world stopped. All of a sudden, it was like, “I don’t have a list.” I had social media. I posted stuff but it wasn’t consistent and all of those pieces of the puzzle. All of a sudden, it was like, “You got to be doing blogs.” I thought, “I don’t have the time to do all these things. Where do I start?”

I have to be honest, it was very overwhelming because my ma background was not marketing in PR. My marketing is sales, going and teaching people how to sell and make more money, end of the story. I remember going upstairs. I was taking all these classes online, trying to learn, doing research and LinkedIn classes, you name it. I was trying it because I thought, “I have all these blind spots. It’s not acceptable to me. What do I need to do to pivot and reinvent myself?” I remember what, after twelve-hour days, I would go up and my husband was like, “How are you doing?” I go, “I’ve been in the business twenty years. I’m an idiot. I don’t know how it was going for twenty years.”

Here’s the reality. There’s so much we don’t know and we will never know. You have to find people that you trust that can help you with exactly what you said. Focus on, “What do I need to do, one little thing that’s going to help move my needle so I could keep the revenue coming in, then I could try these other pieces of the puzzle?” We’re not even starting with the perimeter of the puzzle. We’re haphazardly trying to start from the middle out. That’s not how you make a puzzle. This is the problem we hear, “You should. You need to,” and then having blind spots like I did, “Where do you begin?” That’s why it’s important to have someone like you to say, “Breathe. Let’s bring revenue in. Here’s the best way to do that.”

As you did with that client, go, “Who are the contacts that know you? You have this program or this coaching or whatever it is. Go knock on some doors and put feelers out, get the revenue coming in and then we can add this one little piece.” We try to move the mountain. Going through this after COVID as a business owner who had been in business for many years but the world changed it, I had to learn. I was looking at the mountain and it was tough. I cried a lot and I don’t cry. My poor husband was like, “You can’t keep up like this.” I’m like, “I have to because I have to learn. Where were you many years ago?”

I want to highlight one of the things that we focus on at the Business Acceleration Network. It is helping people get at the boot camp. This is the first thing we do. We show them how to tap into that inner guide to get guidance. We’re going to put you in a room with mentors like you. I’m so excited that you’re going to be there for sales, Connie. The thing is for the first time in their life, they’re getting the love, the support and the information that they’ve never received. It’s custom to them. They have to learn how to decipher.

My thing is I want to make sure that they know that even if Connie says something to be able to go, “This is what I’m excited about,” and to be able to take 100% dominion, we do these exercises that get people to where they get clear. I wish I knew you then because we would’ve gone through, “How do we use this clarity tool to tell you exactly what is best for you?”

At the end of the day, what works for me may not be in your highest good. I always tell people, “If you don’t want to be on TV, then we’re not going to focus there. If you have a fear of videos or don’t like to write articles.” There are so many ways to accomplish goals. You know this in sales. There are many different ways to do this. We want you to feel good and be excited. That clarity piece I’ve found is where a lot of people fumble and bumble. We nip that in the bud. We do a retreat.

In the first half day, we take people through this meditation and exercise. Some of them I’ve been working with for 1 year or 2. It’s like, “I want you to get absolute clarity on what’s for you.” When they come out of this exercise, many of them are like, “They’re so clear.” The challenge that we have in business a lot is, “What do I do,” because there’s all of this information. Thank you for letting me share that.

It’s overwhelming and funny because, for me, it’s always about clarity. There’s another thing you said that is important. This is why I do love you and why I agree to be part of your program and world because our time is valuable. That’s our biggest commodity. I love that you approach it with that customization. I had my membership meeting and did some introductions that some people are going to do some work together, which to me is my biggest joy, me doing the connection and them going out, creating magic and making money. That’s beautiful.

We were talking and I said to the people in the meeting, “If you don’t understand all of the assets you have and how to break them down into pieces,” because I have my nine-week program, that doesn’t mean everybody needs my nine-week program. Sometimes over that 9 weeks, you can hire me for 1 coaching session and we can move the needle and get done what you need to do at a lower price point in less time.

I don’t know that unless I have clarity through the conversation of, “What do you need right here, right now and how can I help you?” Sometimes it’s not even me. It’s like, “I understand you need to meet Shannon.” That’s where we can bring in people to add value but then that validates me that I’m real. I do the right thing for the client but I understand before I make any recommendations. Sometimes the recommendations aren’t me because that’s not where they need to start. If you have zero people coming in, I can help you with the sales process and the sales conversation. If you have nobody to talk to, why are you working with me? We got to get people coming in the door and then I’m the next piece of the puzzle.

That customization is critical. I won’t mention names or anything but there are a lot of these different vendors out there that are like, “Do what you do. I do what I do. This is the platform and the template. This is how you do it because mine works. Rinse and repeat.” I think, “It worked for you but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for me, in my industry, my people, age group or whatever it is.”

We’re losing that customization piece in this world of digital because it’s like, “I have an online class. Does everybody need that self-paced online class? Do they need the coaching, one-on-one or group interaction?” You don’t know until you understand the client. It’s never one size fits all. Thank you for sharing that. Share your gift because this to me is brilliant.

This is MEDIA MAGIC. It is everything that I use to attain millions of dollars in a free press. It was endorsed by Dr. Joe Vitale of The Secret Prayer. He said, “MEDIA MAGIC details the entire process of getting your publicity everywhere for free.” Here we go through a lot of the key components of the press kit that we talked about but I give you templates. It’s like a workbook. There are fill-in-the-blanks, how-to-write it, taglines the sizzle, even the most powerful words to include in your Expert Power Bio. I even bring in a branding expert. We have social media. There are a couple of chapters in there too that encompass all of the pieces of PR. It’s a quick easy read. You can download it for free. Go with it. It’s beautiful.

CSG 114 | Marketing And PR
Media Magic: Instantly Get Radio, TV, Print, and Internet Press to Give You Limitless Publicity

Talk briefly about the Media Magic Bootcamp. For people in the future, Shannon runs this constantly but the one on January 19 and 20, 2023. I am one of the mentors. Come and play with us. Tell people in that two days what they are going to walk away with because it’s dynamic. These are amazing two days.

We work on completing your press kit in 48 hours or less. The minute you sign up, you get our expert power biosystem, which is simple thirteen questions and even an audio training that goes with it. Hopefully, these questions are answered. If not, we’ve had people sign up the day before and promise you you’re going to get a ton out of it. We help you master your elevator pitch. Your words are so important and to be able to do that is essential. We work on those on both days. What’s a lot of fun is not only do you get the support of the mentors guiding you and giving you feedback but we do exercises and breakout rooms with your elevator pitch so you get to know almost everybody that attends.

In 2022, we had almost 90 people and they were like, “I’ve been to so many live events.” They were super engaging. They got to know everybody and a lot of them got business from that process of working on their pitch. We have a media panel. You get to hear from the media and even have the opportunity to get their information to share your story and pitch. We work on your press release. I give you the template. You customize this yourself and show you exactly how to do the press release in a way that stands out above all the rest. You don’t have to be a good writer or an expert to do it.

It’s powerful. What I love is that we have individuals like you that come in what we call brain type. You can get there. Let’s say you’re working on your bio and you say, “I want somebody to read my bio, go through my questions and help me find the gems.” We put you in a room with somebody like Connie whom you’d spend hundreds to be with. She’ll say, “I like this. I don’t like this.” Get that individual help. Even though it’s virtual, this is a hands-on get-it-done workshop.

It’s dynamic. I’m excited to be part of it. I was honored when you asked. It’s special because it’s wonderful to go to classes and learn. You then have to carve out the time to create and do where this is let’s learn and do then we have that support for mentors like me and the others that are in the group so that you can hook people up with the expertise that they need to get clear in their messaging across the board. Like your questions, I look at people’s questions and I think I would change this and the order. Sometimes that’s all they need. It’s a five-minute conversation.

They have that opportunity. You should have different elevator pitches for different things that you’re doing. We’ll learn but then we’re going to create that elevator pitch. This is a priceless workshop because of the hands-on. It’s very hard after a class to then go back and execute. When you’re in that zone of learning, it’s much easier to start to put the movement to whatever the recommendation is because you’re there and in the mode. In thinking about, in your case, the value statement or the questions, whatever they might be. I’m excited about this. We’re locked, loaded and ready to do it.

The last thing before we leave, I want to share a quick story about a speaker’s reel. I remember I had done all these speaking events. I didn’t video it. The flyers that I had done to promote me, I didn’t keep them and the digital copies. I finally realized, “People want me to speak,” and they’d ask me, “Where’d you speak?” I’d give them a list and they’d go, “Do you have the flyers?” I’m like, “I didn’t keep them.”

The other thing is you don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t know what I needed or what a speaker reel was when I first started on my journey. I spoke at a big conference in Dallas. I was introduced but I had to pay my way. I thought, “I don’t want to pay my way.” I reached out to the person who was promoting it and I said, “I get you don’t know me. You’ve never seen me perform. You don’t know what I deliver. Here’s my speaker’s reel and my podcast. It gives you a vibe of how I roll and deliver information. I’d love to be paid even if you pay my expenses.” He watched it and within one hour he said, “Got it. I’ll pay for you to come. I’m excited to have you.”

Having that speaker reel, not only I had been introduced that I was in the door. It’s not necessarily got me in the door but it got me paid so that I didn’t have to use it as an expense. Be mindful. Wherever you speak, make sure someone’s videoing it. If you are spotlighted on anything, keep those digital copies and that will help you build your press kit as well. The speaker reel is important. If you’re starting and you haven’t spoken, that’s okay. There are other ways to build your press kit. I’m excited that we’re going to be doing the deep dive on January 19 to 20, 2023. Thank you for that. Here’s the deal. I know we all need more Shannon in our lives. Where were you a few years ago?

Not that I’ve met you too late because there’s always tweaking that needs to happen. I am aware but please go to Shannon’s website. It’s MeetShannon.com. Email her if you have specific questions at Support@ShannonProcise.com. Shannon, thank you so much. Anything else you want to leave us with before we sign off for the show?

I want to let people know that there are thousands of dollars of free publicity with your name on it.

There are thousands of dollars of free publicity with your name on it right now. Click To Tweet

Let’s get some good habits in place and create the things that are going to move the needle for us. I love it. Thank you for that, Shannon. You need to know where to go. That’s the bottom line. We don’t know what we don’t know. Blind spots, we all have them. Thanks for being on. I always enjoy hanging out with you. I hope you’ll join me every episode as we question, build and discover together, no matter where you are in business and career. I truly hope that my guests and I provide tips, strategies and ideas that you can implement immediately.

Shannon and I touched on this beautiful information. If you do nothing with it, trust me, nothing’s going to change. As soon as you start taking those action steps forward, one baby step, something that Shannon and I said, I promise you, magic happens at the back end. Action becomes a reaction, which becomes a miracle.

I hope between Shannon, me and the guests every episode, we provide those actionable tips for you to implement and change your life. That’s what we’re here to do. Thank you for reading. I’m truly honored to have you on this journey with me. I hope that my guests and I provide some tips or ideas that make your life a little bit in your business and career easier than we’ve done our job. I will see you next episode. I love that you join me. Have a great and blessed time.


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