“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”
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As I reflect on how technology, client outreach, and new business results have changed in the past 20 years, I realize how important it is for every working person to stay relevant and be aware of tech changes happening in the marketplace.

Technology is changing faster than we can learn it, yet the importance to our long-term success can’t be overlooked or put on the back burner.

Today, we will be discussing how to save yourself mountains of grief and wasted money by learning how to avoid the seven fundamental mistakes businesses make when they are marketing their websites.


7 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make Marketing Online With Ross Dunn (EP. 79)

As you tune in, we know that the word sales has that icky, sleazy, manipulative vibe to it, unacceptable in my world. I want to help you on your mindset shift that sales is bad, icky, and hard, and “I hate it. I’m not good at it,” and all of that rhetoric we say in our heads. I want you to shift over to start to think about sales from a place of love, care, and respect. To help you do that, I have a free gift my free Communication Style Assessment.

You get your report, spotlighting your superpowers which are important. That’s how you show up and it’s natural to you. Additionally, you get your lowest score, which is your blind spot, so you understand when you’re speaking, communicating, selling, meeting, whatever your career is with that type of style, what you need to do to modify, to be heard, and land on the page.

My motivational quote is by Adam Audette, “Today is not about, ‘Get the traffic.’ It’s about, ‘Get the targeted and relevant traffic.’” As I reflect on how technology client outreach, new business results, and new business results have changed for me in the past several years in business, I realized how important it is for every working person to stay relevant and to be aware of tech changes happening in the marketplace.

Technology’s changing faster than ever, and it’s like unlearn, relearn situation. Yet the importance to our long-term success, both personally and professionally can’t be overlooked, or we just can’t put it on the back burner and say, “I’ll figure that out.” Grab a cup of coffee, your trusty pen, and a pad and paper, because this class is in session.

My guest is Ross Dunn. Ross and I we’re going to be discussing how to save yourself mountains of grief and wasted money by learning how to avoid the seven fundamental mistakes businesses make when they’re marketing their websites. Ross is a leading authority in marketing your website since 1997. He’s been professionally navigating the online world for a pretty long time.

Creating visibility, traction, and conversation using the StepForth 7-Step System. Ross’s full focus is on getting Google to know, like, and trust your website, specializing in serving small and medium-sized businesses. Ross has become known as a leader in marketing and growing your online business. Ross, thanks so much for being on. This is an important conversation. Everything is changing quickly with SEO, algorithms behind the scenes, and all of these things. We do have to stay relevant.


About Ross Dunn:

CSG 79 | Marketing Mistakes

Ross is the leading authority in marketing your website! Since 1997, Ross has been professionally navigating the online world. Creating visibility, traction, and conversions using the StepForth 7 Step System. Ross’s full focus is on getting Google to know, like, and trust your website. Specializing in serving small and medium-sized businesses, Ross has become known as a leader in marketing and growing your online business.


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Thank you so much for having me. It’s exciting.

Tools To Analyze Your Competitors

My pleasure. We’ll have a great conversation. First question, what tools can my readers use to analyze their competitors?


CSG 79 | Marketing Mistakes


My favorite one is Semrush. Is there a lot to it? Yes. It is one of the more powerful tools out there. It’s $100 a month, so you might want to just do it for a couple of months. You type in the address of a competitor and it will show you how it is performing online. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t have a back door into how they’re doing their business, but it does emulate a lot of it because it sees all the data. With that information, you can find out what they’re ranking for, their progress over time to build those rankings you’ll see the ups and downs and, and a lot of great information there.

Knowing what they’re ranking for is interesting, but then also what ads they’re paying for. Typically, that’s an indicator. If it shows some history, it’ll also show that whether or not they’ve been doing it a while, these particular keywords they’re spending money on are truly delivering. Don’t reinvent that oil, which is 1 of the 7 biggest mistakes. Recon and strategy is the key. It’s like betting the coin on a 50/50 coin toss but with worse odds. You don’t want to just do that. You want to go on there and you want to find out what they’re doing and don’t reinvent that wheel. Semrush is a great way to do that.

CSG 79 | Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Mistakes: Recon and strategy are key. You want to find out what your competitors are doing. Don’t reinvent the wheel.


As my friend Chris was saying, you will get overwhelmed if you start digging deep into Semrush. It is meant for business owners like me who are doing all the SEO for you. The basics are there that are valuable and there are some other tools on there if you want to dig deeper, but that alone will give you a lot of insight.

You used the word data. That particular platform does all of that data on the backend so you can pay the $100 and you get to see behind the curtain. Decades ago, we said we were in the Information Age. We’re in the Data Age now. You have to look at the analytics. You do the A/B testing on emails and topics that you send out to see which one resonates more. We have the capacity through technology, and now we have to be mindful of the data because there’s tremendous information in the data. We just have to know how to mine it and figure out how to implement it into our business so we save time and money. That’s what we’re talking about.

It is overwhelming if you’re not careful.

You go down that rabbit hole, you’re never coming out.

You’ll shut down and say, “I’ll look at this later.” That’s the mistake. Even before looking at it, going, “Why am I going here? What is it that I want to know?” Prioritize it on a piece of paper just something in front of you, then get in there. Stick to that, otherwise. You will get sucked in and overwhelmed. It’s that simple.

In the notes, you had Yoast SEO plugin. If I follow all the instructions from that plugin, won’t that be enough for optimizing the website?

Yoast is a phenomenal platform. Rank Math is another one out there. Yoast is the one I prefer. It’s a plugin for WordPress. If you have a WordPress website, it’s more than likely that you are using that. If you’re not, give it a shot. It’s incredible. It’ll guide you through the process of optimizing each page. It’s very helpful. If you follow everything on that, is there anything that’s missing? Probably something.

I’ll give you an example where we had a client who got quite upset with us. It happens because we hadn’t filled out all of the fields for the Yoast plugin when we were optimizing each page. I said, “I understand. I hear you but there are aspects of that are meant for novices. It’s meant for people who are working through the page.”

We do it all by hand internally. We don’t need to use the plugin to do everything. That didn’t make a lot of sense to her. I did quickly explain it, but she’d made up her mind at that point, which is unfortunate. I like to use that as a cautionary tale that it isn’t the end-all and be-all. You’ll still find that you’re not number one after you’re doing all the optimizations or anything like that. There’s quite a bit of work around SEO. There’s a reason there’s an industry around it.

Do your best. If you’re just doing this DIY, use it and do a great job of using Yoast. You will get better and get some more exposure. Keep in mind, everyone’s using it. It creates a level order playing field and if all things are created equal, you’ll just be competing again at the same level as your competitors. You do need that extra edge.

If all things are created equal, you'll be competing at the same level as your competitors. You need that extra edge. Share on X

We have to keep the tools in our tool belts sharpened. These are the things that we need to be mindful of and aware of. If we’re not in it, you’re still missing a piece of the puzzle for growth in your own business. For me, it’s about prioritization, time and money. Where do I prioritize, in this case, my efforts with emailing or wherever I’m getting the SEO ranking from? I want to prioritize that. These backends pieces of information that we’re talking about can help with that.

I interview people like you with marketing and stuff like that, and I see a lot of duplicate topics and answers on blogs throughout specific niches. You see the same topic over and over again. Why would I even want to create similar content that’s already been answered and is out there? Is there a value in that? Should I be following those topics that are out there and being shared frequently?

You do get that question a lot. A portion of my company does dentistry only at FirstDentist.com. That niche is interesting because what can you write on your website that hasn’t already been written on another dentist’s website? The thing is, if you’re a local business specifically, it’s very important that you have that content because Google’s looking at you from a microcosm. They’re not looking at you worldwide. You’re not competing worldwide. You’re competing in your niche, in your market, in your area. Having some content that’s similar to the content in the next city, doesn’t matter. It shows authority. It shows Google that you know what you’re talking about.

If the content’s written well and people share it, or even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. It’s a good thing though. You do want to one-up the other content if you can try and make it thorough and answer those questions beautifully and with care, showing that you’re not just copying it from somewhere else and that you’re open to answering more questions. Anyway, that content is very important. It seems weird to take that time to write it, but it does help.

It’s funny, I just wrote an article on LinkedIn about my husband and I went to see the new Spider-Man movie. I love Marvel. We love Marvel. In the end, I giggle every time we go to a Marvel movie. We were in the movie theater live, which was cool too. A little weird and cool at the same time. Anyway, we’re sitting there and at the end, they do the trailer well into the credits.

Nobody gets up at the Marvel movies because as soon as the credits come, people are up and out of there. I was thinking to myself, it’s like a secret society, but it’s not. Marvel has built their brands that you know what to expect. People sit and wait so that they can see the trailer of whatever the next movie is that’s going to be coming out.

It’s the same thing we’re talking about here. That essence of you have to the word, you have to have the website, and you want to do a good job because that’s your brand. That’s part of who your brand is. That’s going to get people coming backward, people referring you. I’m talking sales now, but that’s your secret sauce.

Even though you’re a dentist in a town next to a dentist in the next town, what makes you different? Do you have the credits and then your little sneak preview of what’s to come? That’s the point of the website. You’re a dentist and then you write something, and I’m like, “That’s great. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Pain-free dentistry.” What you’re talking about is having that differentiation.


A big differentiator that people don’t realize is so important is missed every time. We’re busy. Maybe even a little lazy. I get it. I’m there too. Is photography on those pages? You’re talking about pain-free dentistry. There should be a photo of you as a dentist and your staff smiling and assisting someone to have a pain-free experience, not stock photography. That stock photography is overused elsewhere. That does diminish the quality of your site. I guarantee it. People will have seen it before, almost certainly not, maybe not all the time. It adds so much care and it shows to people that you’re an engaged business and you are engaging in your patient’s happiness.

I would imagine testimonials too. Probably help with the website SEO, I would think.

Being a marketer versus just an SEO, they’re the world, especially video. Video’s the best differentiator. How many people have the guts to ask for videos and to follow up? It’s not easy. Most of us don’t even like to ask for a testimonial. I want people just to give them, but they don’t have time. They’re busy and they may want to, but they just haven’t thought of it. You make the recommendation and then say, “I’ve got this bonus option. We would love it if you do a video.” If you’ve got a good business and if you’ve been around for a while, you’re going to have some real cheerleaders out there and they won’t hesitate to do video, and there’s no faking that. You put that on your site. It’s amazing.

Do We Need Social Media?

I’ve written too, but I have videos on mine because it is impactful. Next question, what if a client says, “Social media hasn’t worked for me in the past?” Can it be ignored? Do we need that social media?

Not all social media is created equal, especially for different industries and businesses. It’s all about picking the social media that’s going to work for you. One of the steps we do in our 7-Step System is called the Social Outreach Playbook. We want to look at what is working for your competitors. Again, I hate reinventing the wheel. Let’s look and see what they’ve been doing and we do that in the initial.

Not all social media is created equal, especially for different industries and businesses. It's all about picking the social media that's actually going to work for you. Share on X

We say, “Looks to me like LinkedIn’s working well and so is Instagram. Let’s focus on that first. You don’t have the budget for LinkedIn. I get it. It’s the first probably the most expensive platform. Let’s do just Instagram, to begin with, and roll out a good program. Let’s plan it and make sure you’re committed to it.” It is effective. It is something that you have to commit to. I’m sure you’ve heard that 1 million times. It’s true though. Consistency is the key.

You have to be in it to win it. Isn’t that the old saying? I like how you just said that see the data, go back to the data, and examine where you’re getting the traction from, where your clients are, and where your peeps play. That’s where we want to go. Let’s say there is the two of them and you don’t have the funds. Start with one and get good at it and then you build from there. As you have income coming in, you can put it back into the business and then start doing the LinkedIn one and then maybe start into the other social media. Most people are all or nothing. They try to do everything, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can’t be everywhere with everything.

You don’t want to post the same stuff everywhere because then that gets boring and then people start deleting or ignoring your stuff. They’re like, “I already saw that. I don’t need to see that again.” Consistency, I also think the quality of what you’re putting out there, but I like how you said that. Just pick one, focus on that, and perfect it. What’s the next piece of the puzzle? Build that infrastructure that’s going to be strong and stable to help sustain the business growth that we’re all looking for. I’d like you to go through each of the seven steps, if you can briefly.

The Big 7

I’ll go into the aspect of what we’re talking about, which is the seven biggest mistakes. How about that? It works the same way. 1) Recon and Strategy. We’ve covered that a bit, but don’t reinvent that wheel because so many do. They simply don’t think ahead and look at these things. They’re like, “I’ve got the best idea. I know how I’ll do this. I know this is how these competitors have done it and this is what I’m going to do.” Do you? Did you do the research? Do you know the keywords they’re targeting? Are you looking at the right competitors? You might have heard to the grapevine, this one’s doing well online, but let’s see if they really are.

Don’t start emulating without proof and create a plan. With that plan comes what you are truly measuring, what you need to measure to see results and to understand the results. Measuring means analytics, ensuring you’ve got goals set up. All this stuff gets very convoluted and it’s like, “What are you talking about, Ross?” It’s all good. If you have a good marketing company or someone who can assist you in-house, they can set that stuff up. It has to be there though. You have to see metrics, what is working, and make sure you’re measuring the right ones. That’s number one, recon and strategy.

2) Optimization Boost. We’ve already got a strategy put together. Now it’s time to get into your site and make each point of your page crystal clear so that Google will have all the right signals to determine what the page is about and how it should rank. That is oversimplified often. It’s also not rocket science. If you read this or if you get someone else to read it who hasn’t written it, do they come out of it with the right takeaways? You can ask them questions. You can do a bit of a test. Also don’t over-optimize. It sounds like the silliest way to put it, but we’re stuck with the word optimization for SEO. When it comes down to it, people can go crazy and read these articles about optimizing the page and making sure there are keywords everywhere.

It’s all a measure of how much, and optimization is not something that you need to go overboard with. Google’s much smarter these days. You should use the right keywords, but don’t write, focus, and get all crazy about making sure the keywords are in there while you’re writing. Write authentically first then look over it and think, “Okay. Maybe I could supplant this phrase with this phrase because this is what people are searching for.” That’s the best way. Also, don’t put everything on one page. Single-page websites simply don’t perform as well as multiple-page websites. It’s very tempting to go to the simple site. It looks cool. I got to give you credit.

CSG 79 | Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Mistakes: Optimization is not something that you need to go overboard with. You should use the right keywords, but don’t write, focus, and get all crazy about making sure the keywords are in there while you’re writing. Write authentically first.


In fact, I just interviewed Martin Splitt from Google on my podcast. He was fascinating. He was talking about this. I was asking about the one page, and he says, “There are ways to view it, but I know from experience that it’s not done that way.” Frankly, if you have individual pages devoted to specific subjects, it’s a lot easier for Google to understand what the page is about. If you have a page that’s full of different subjects, it’s a little harder for them to rank. That’s very key.

3) Ad Empowerment. There’s a big mistake. Don’t use Google to do your marketing. It’s like giving the keys to the fox, the hen house, and it’s so easy. They say, “Come to us. We’ll handle your Google Ads. It’s all good. We’ll make sure it does well.” I’m not saying it can’t work. I know many people who’ve had it work, but could it be so much better? Yes. How much incentive is it for them to knock it out of the park for you when they’re running hundreds of other campaigns?

It’s almost like a mill. You become part of the mill. It’s like you’re on the runaway train and there are 1 million people in there with you. The personalization could be lost is what you’re saying.

We take them over all the time and we see it’s done in a vanilla fashion. The personalization isn’t there and a lot of the techniques that could help aren’t there. Also paying for ads has no impact on unpaid rankings. People think that if I pay for ads, “I’m sure I’ll do better in other rankings too. There’s an influence there. I’m paying Google. Here, move up.” No. Doesn’t work that way. That’s just a bunch of gobbledygook. Don’t think like that. Make sure you do a great job with your Google ads.

If you’re going to go with Google if you’re going to do it with Facebook, same thing. These are all different places that take some time, effort, and money. Also, are they all pretty equal? Again, no. Just like social media, you got to pick the right ones. We want to make sure that we’re picking the right ads, the right places, the platforms, and the right target market.

4) Authority Building. Earn the right to rank. You have to show Google they’ve earned it. That’s all about, “Who are you?” Google looks at this and it’s an algorithm. It’s looking for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. EAT is the acronym. There are certain signals that come off your site, off your different platforms in different places that show this. You want to ensure that the content you’re creating is exceptional on your site.

This is not just, “This is what my peer wrote. This is what I’ll write.” You don’t want people falling asleep. You don’t want people looking, “That same article again.” No. You want them to see something that is ultimate. They see this article and go, “Holy smokes, I don’t need to look for this anything. I don’t need to research anything more. This has got all the answers.”

Write awesome. Take your time. You might be doing 4 or 5 articles a month or something like that. If you’re aggressive, maybe even 6 to 10. Write an amazing 1 every month and it’ll become evergreen. It’s the content that comes with cornerstone content on your website. People are going there all the time. I’ve got one on our site that I wrote years ago on something so dry. Yet it’s still the leading traffic driver of our site. Unfortunately, it’s not one I can convert, but it’s still amazing. If you do a great job, it can work for you.

Write one amazing article every month, and it will become evergreen. It's the kind of content that becomes the cornerstone of your website. Share on X

I want to comment on that. I’m good at speaking. I love speaking at events. I love being on stage, all of those things. My writing has never been a strength of mine because it was never a focus because I wasn’t passionate about it. Now fast forward to writing articles on LinkedIn and trying to build the like, know, and trust factor, all of the things, with several years of sales experience, I have so much in my head, how do I get that out to help people in pieces? I hired a writing coach, and right now, I have three coaches, believe it or not. The writing coach is important because people write as if they’re an authority on things that they’re not an authority on. You have to be careful.

I love what you’re saying like that one article you wrote how many years ago. The information is so relevant and correct that people read it and think, “That makes sense. I know the next step or what I want to put into place, or at least start a plan of attack.” That quality and it’s your zone of genius. That’s the other piece of the puzzle that is important too. This writing coach is teaching us how to share our perspective, but let the reader know. What’s in it for the reader? Here’s my perspective and why, and then give them things to think about from there in their own perspective. I don’t think we do that. We like to tell people, “My way is the right way.”

We could share important information. I’m not saying not to share the important information, but we have to make sure that we know it’s our zone of genius or expertise, or that we’re 100% accurate. That’s why there’s all this false information out there and all this nonsense. I like what you said. Instead of writing six articles, go for the quality versus the quantity. You’ll see that’ll impact your SEO, your business, and the like, know, and trust factor everywhere versus just putting a smattering of articles that you’re duplicating and regurgitating back in your own words. Did I understand that?

Yeah. Think about how to record the best video for your website. You could go crazy. You could talk about different lenses and the different types of lighting. You could review the lighting. You could include different colors, gamuts, and stuff. Give a simple tutorial on all of this stuff and create this amazing almost book on a couple of pages. You do this and break it up into a guide. You can make it one long page.

People look at this and they’re going to go, “This is phenomenal. I am going to share this everywhere. This is perfection.” They do, and you end up getting a resource. That’s what happened for me in this case. Unfortunately, I’m ranking for, in this case, 301 redirects. It’s suddenly totally dry. Whenever I look at what rankings we have for our website, I always see that number one.

Valuable information, Ross. It is what it is.

Lots of links from that. We’ve already talked about the next one. 5) Social Outreach Playbook. Not all social platforms are created equally. Not much more to say there. Make sure it’s a purposeful strategy and that it all comes back to your thorough competitor research. That’s the biggest piece mistake people make. They’re simply not picking the right platforms or they’re trying to do it all.

6) Success Tracking Dashboard. We talked about metrics. Track the right ones, but also have it in a place you can see it all. There’s usually some data here and there, and you don’t see it. If you go to one and look at the other, you may see interesting info, but when you see them all together, you start to see the patterns. It’s important that you track it. How do you even know how well things are going if you’re not tracking it? I’d say 90% of people we talk to when we first talk about their marketing aren’t tracking anything, or very little. They know how many visits they get. Are those visits converting? Are they engaged? How many of them are coming there to act and consider your business?

7) Results Accelerator. This is where people don’t realize, but they aren’t continuing. They’re like, “All right, my site’s optimized. I’ve got this great content. I’m going to go back to what I was doing before.” It doesn’t work that way. There’s a reason good web marketing companies have ongoing services because, for this stuff, you can’t sit idle.

Each of those pieces of content you write needs to be optimized again. You’ll do a basic decent job with say the Yoast plugin or something if you’re using WordPress. It’s best to have an expert go in there and go, “That’s great, but here are a few tweaks I’d make. Let’s make sure this links to internal pages on your site. That image isn’t very good. We’ll give you some tips on that and how to optimize the images.”

Google is changing all the time too. There are algorithmic changes. If you’re doing local SEO, that’s changing all the time. Anyway, make sure that you have a plan in place to maintain it. Don’t ignore someone when they say, “Here’s the maintenance plan,” or whatever it is. Find a budget that works for you. Make sure that the company you’re working with is authentic and has great reviews.

CSG 79 | Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Mistakes: Optimization is not something that you need to go overboard with. You should use the right keywords, but don’t write, focus, and get all crazy about making sure the keywords are in there while you’re writing. Write authentically first.


Talk to their clients, and get a sense of, “These people are delivering.” Again, find a budget that’s going to work for you and stick to it. There’s a reason they say a percentage of your marketing or your budget should go to marketing. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Not like some people say, it has to be enough to ensure that you have a finger on the pulse that changes are being made and you’re improved.

I’m picturing as you were describing the seven different pitfalls, if you will, that it’s a puzzle and we have the border of the puzzle done and think we’re in good shape, but the whole internal part of the puzzle is blank. You have the internal part of the puzzle done, but you don’t have the perimeter done. It’s almost like we have puzzle pieces that aren’t in place yet, and it’s costing us business. It’s costing us time. Have an expert do the data, because here’s the other thing too, Ross. You’re an expert. You know what to look for. You’re telling me this and I’m like, “That makes sense.” I start looking at the data and I’m like, “What does that mean?”

There’s still a learning curve, even as a business owner, that I want to learn these things. I did take it to my local community college here. I did a whole Google class, SEO generation, social media, and all of this stuff. It was funny at the end, I did it with my niece. In the end, she’s like, “What do you think?” She was loving it. I said, “I’d rather have pins in my eyes. This is painful.” It was painful for me. She was like, “What?” I said, “I don’t want to do any of this.” I clearly know I need it. I understand it. That’s what I wanted to achieve as a business owner. I need it to understand it. With that clarity for me of, “There’s no way I’m ever doing this.” I knew I need to hire someone.

That’s what we’re talking about. You have all these puzzle pieces. You have a mess. You have to have someone help you make sure all the puzzle pieces are missing or you’re leaving money on the table, which from a sales perspective, makes my brain hurt. Don’t leave money on the table if somebody like Ross, like you, what you’re describing, can help me position and shine the light as bright as it can on my business that opens the door for the sales conversations. They’re married. We need all of these things. It’s another puzzle piece in our business puzzle.

These days, the budget’s very tight. It’s a mess. You got to keep in mind too, that you don’t have to start all guns blazing. We have clients that have been with us for many years, and the reason why it’s flexible, you got to, “I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time right now. This is what we can move things back down to and keep things running. You’ll miss out on a couple of things, but we can always get back up once you’ve gotten past this rough time.” That’s how it should be.

That’s why I love having people like you on my show because that’s the type of business we want to do business with so that when we’re growing, we’re growing together. If we hit little pitfalls, we’re there to support each other through those little missteps. We could get back on track when things settle down. We’re in business because we want to make money. I understand that. We should also be in business from that place of service like you’re describing, but also from compassion that it’s not, “Sorry, I can’t help you. You’ve been working with me for ten years. Rough time. Sorry. Bye. I’m all about the money.” That’s not cool either.

We have to have a business with heart. I do believe that. We have to help each other when we can without us losing our shirt or losing our business too. There’s always a balancing act that goes with business. Please reach out to Ross. Pick his brain. You could see he’s brilliant and well-versed. You’ve been doing this for how long?

2022 is my 25th year.

He knows this stuff. Again, we think we don’t have the money, but I want you to think about what time are you wasting on other stuff or are you wasting on this stuff that you should be out doing business development, networking, speaking, or whatever it is to generate business authentically on your own that might not come from the website? We need all these pieces of the puzzle in place. Ross is an expert, so email him if you have any questions. It’s Ross@StepForth.com. The website is StepForth.com if you want to check it out and see what he’s all about. Do you have a resource page on the website, Ross?

We do. In fact, if you go there too, there’s a Free Strategy Call Button and it’s what it sounds like. I like to meet people. Let’s chat and see if I can help you. If I can’t, I can answer some questions. It’s all good.

I believe that when you have a conversation with the expert, you see things more clearly and your plan of attack, the big picture becomes even clearer as well. I’m going to go back to the Instagram and LinkedIn example. Start with one and then you can build from there. Have some revenue coming in and then we can put a little money back in the business. We can build it as we go as well. I love how you said it’s not an all-or-nothing, but you have to do something differently. Start something differently. Otherwise, a year from now, we’re all in the same boat and nothing’s changed. That’s the definition of insanity.

It's not all-or-nothing, but you have to do something differently. Start something different. Share on X

Which we all are living these days.

It was so funny as I was saying it, I almost put that I thought, “I don’t say that.” You’re right. We’re living in insanity right now. Talk to Ross, and put some sanity back in your life. We can all use a little bit of that. Ross, thank you so much for coming on. I love those seven perspectives. Within little seven minefields, if you will that we could find ourselves as business owners. I love that you labeled them out and built them out for us to understand. Thank you so much for that.

From a sales perspective, we’re always trying to make things more understandable about what we do. That was one aspect of it. Thank you.

I hope you will join me weekly as we build, question, and discover together that it doesn’t matter where you are in your business. I hope that my guests and I provide some tips, ideas, and strategies because I know I’m a broken record. You read this at the end of every show, but I’m going to say it again because one day, you will read it. The ideas are great. The information is wonderful. We need to apply it. Take one thing and maybe it’s using that software that Ross talked about and going in and starting to do some analytics that you didn’t even think about before. Maybe that’s your first little step. Don’t make it complicated.

Pick one little thing. Go put that into an application, into place, or into the process, and that’s where we start to get reactions and results. Please use the information that Ross shared. Go back if you have to. Thank you again, Ross. Thank you for joining me. With me, your host, Connie Whitman on WebTalkRadio.net. I truly wish everyone a blessed week filled with excitement, fun, ingenuity, and growth. That’s where we all need to land. Please have an inspired week and I will see you all on the next episode. Thanks, everybody.


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