The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.Keith Ferrazzi

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I find it fascinating that so many of my private, as well as my corporate clients, struggle with networking.  I have found that most of my clients don’t always know how to get invited or which networks to seek invitations from. Networking and referrals from happy clients have been one of my core values and habits that have created the success I have seen over the past 4 decades. 

Here’s the deal. We all know how important networking is.  Whether you are a business owner or an employee within an organization, having a community that knows, likes, and trusts you is key to long-term success and will serve you over the long haul.

So here is my question for you to think about during the next 30 minutes:  Are you playing the long game? If yes, then this show will help you navigate networking with ease!

Networking Your Way To Success And Prosperity With Blanca Perper (EP. 98)

I hope that you’re with me on my mission. First of all, you see my mission, but you understand my mission that we are going to change the word smart sales from something that comes from this sleazy manipulation perspective. We’re going to be coming from love, care, and respect. To help you on your mindset journey, I have a gift for you, my Free Communication Style Assessment. The idea is you take the assessment, and you find out what your natural communication superpowers are. You’ll also get a report spotlighting your blind spot. Both are important. This will help you ease your conversations with everybody you interact with, both personally and professionally, especially when we’re in those sales conversations.

I hope that you enjoy my gift and it helps you move the needle on changing your sales game. Also, if you are loving the show, please rate, review, and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. I love reading your notes. I appreciate your notes. It’s a nice way of sharing some love. Now, my motivational quote to set the tone for the show is by Keith Ferrazzi. He says, “The currency of real networking is not greed, but generosity.”

I find this fascinating that many of my private clients, as well as my corporate clients, struggle with networking. I found that most of my clients don’t always know how to get invited and/or how to choose the right network to be part of. Networking and referrals from happy clients are probably my number one core value and habit that I’ve created over the past decades that has helped me become successful.

Here’s the deal. We all know how important networking is. Whether you’re a business or you work for an organization and you’re a sales representative, it doesn’t matter. Having a community that knows, like, and trust you is key to that long-term success. Here’s my question for you to ponder as my guest and I talk about this topic is, “Are you playing the long game?” Hopefully, your answer is yes, then this show is going to help you move your needle and, exponentially, change your networking skills.

My guest is Blanca Perper. She was a lawyer for many years, the inventor of a patented email management system called Ingate, and the Founder of the Laws of Life platform, a full-service digital marketing agency. Please help me welcome my brilliant, amazing friend, Blanca, to the show. Thanks for being on.


About Blanca Perper: 

CSG 98 | Networking StrategiesBlanca was a lawyer for 25 years, the inventor of a patented email management system called Ingate, and the Founder of the Laws of Life Platform, a full-service digital marketing agency.



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Thank you for having me. It is such a pleasure and honor.


#1 Networking Tool

We’ve been networking for quite a few months. It’s important and a skill. We need to get good out of it, but we need to do it correctly. You’re my expert. That’s why you’re here. Let’s talk about this. You’ve been doing this for a long time. You and I aren’t newbies to this game, but what have you found is your number one networking tool that works?

There are two branches of the road to first go down. First, are you going to be the host or are you going to be the guest? My number one love, networking is to always be the host when you can. I believe that everyone should have their own signature networking event. If networking is key to the success of you building your brand. I have yet to find an exception to the rule. Every professional, no matter what you do, needs to network. I suppose corporate executives may not need to network because they have only one client, their corporation.

If you’re the type of entrepreneur looking for a multitude of relationships to service and build with, then the first decision is to host your own event. That’s my number one law of networking. That’s what I’ve done for the last few years, which is to host my own networking event. It’s been extremely powerful in building amazing relationships.

When you host it, you become intimate. I don’t mean that in a weird way. Whenever when I use that word, I footnote it. You got to know me fast through networking. You asked me to co-facilitate one time. We focused on sales, whatever the topic was. You bring people into the fold. When you’re the host, you can do that. When you’re joining, you are subject to whatever the person is hosting.

Many years ago, I went to a local networking event, and it happened to be a bank. Several people were business development and market managers. They had to do networking to find businesses. They walk up to me and go, “What are you doing here?” I looked at them and go, “I networked too. What do you think? I live in a shell and people find me and knock on my door because they love me?”

They were like, “That makes sense.” I go, “Who are you meeting here?” “Small business owners. What do you think I am?” It was one of those funnies in my life where I looked at them and I go, “Don’t you think I have to network too? You think I teach it, but I don’t do it?” They were like, “This makes so much sense.” It was a cute reaction.

We have to network. It is the bread and butter. I want to comment one last thing on your idea of hosting. Not that we want to always handpick because sometimes the luck of the draw can bring magic into your life, but you can also attract the right kinds of people into your network that are going to build that know, like, trust factor, and support. It’s about that generosity first. You could create the container for the right people. Do you do that to some extent?

CSG 98 | Networking Strategies

When you recited that quote, I got tears in my eyes because it was confirmation that that’s exactly what networking boils down to. It’s generosity. You have to be a giver. You cannot come from a mindset of lack or equality. If you go into it like that, you’re going to be disappointed. You got to give without expectation, build relationships to create, and build collaboration. That’s what the joy of networking is. Find a mini-collaboration.

Networking all boils down to generosity. You have to be a giver and never come from a mindset of lack. Click To Tweet

When you came into co-host with me and you were giving everyone feedback on their sales introductions, there were many ways to collaborate with people and, in a way, test the boundaries of the relationship. Does that person show up when they say they will? Do they show up for their meetings? Do they respect your time? Build a mini collaboration before jumping in too big of a pool.

1) That gave me an opportunity to get to know the people in your network. 2) It gave me an opportunity for me to spotlight my coaching. On the fly, they had random questions. You and I didn’t know what questions they were going to ask or what their comments were going to be, then you and I had to respond to them. There’s an element of coaching. Why we’re good coaches? It’s because you could do it on the fly.

Here’s the thing. They got to see who I was. Coming in, don’t say, “After this, why don’t you connect with me? I can help you,” then give them the pitch later. That’s the ick. It’s not cool. That wasn’t the platform. That wasn’t what this networking was about. It was me coming and helping. If I help someone, wonderful. If I didn’t, that’s okay too. It’s the boundaries that we set with people so that you’re handpicking. This goes back to that handpicking. We pick generous people to be part of our orbit. That’s important. I want an abundant mentality. I don’t want the poverty mentality.

Go with who you generally connect with or who you feel a connection with. If you go into a room of 100 people, certain people are you’re going to be drawn to for whatever reason, like their personality, physicality, the combination, something they said, their content, pitch, or service. There are a million reasons, subliminal and subconscious why we’re attracted to another person.

The point is who you’re attracted to. I’m talking spiritually, magnetically, and intellectually in that word. Once you do that, then pick those people to continue to the next level of collaboration because not everybody you’re going to have a connection with. That’s why people don’t like networking because they say, “You can’t have an expectation that you’re going to be having a connection with everyone.” If you could connect with one person, you’ve done great.

I remember in the old days, I went to a networking event. A colleague would see these things, and he said to me one day, “My objective today is to get everybody’s business card.” I looked at him and said, “That sounds tiring and a waste of time. Why would you want everybody’s business card?” We had real business cards. It wasn’t always this digital stuff and LinkTree. I laughed. He goes, “What’s your objective?” I go, “I want to find two people that I think can do something together, support each other in some way, and start a conversation. To get everybody’s business card? What a waste.” He probably thought I was crap as I chuckled and walked away because I thought he was crap.

What happens is the people that become email collectors means they’re leading with their wallets and not their hearts. If you go into the meeting and collect everyone’s emails and then spam them with an offer, and then they ask me, “Why didn’t I get a reaction?” “You never made a connection.” That’s why.

CSG 98 | Networking Strategies
Networking Strategies: When people become email collectors, they are only leading with their wallet and not their heart. If you send spams to people with your offers, you cannot make a connection.



It’s all about human-to-human connection. Next question. This one, I’m curious because I know you are big into doing webcasting. That webcasting and networking, how does it lead from one to the other?

Webcasting gives you instant brand credibility in your niche. It’s also very good because you get a lot of epiphanies when you webcast. You get a lot of laws of life and new creative ideas when you engage in dialogue and interview people. You become a better connector through webcasting. You have better intuitive skills as to who you are connecting with.

CSG 98 | Networking Strategies
Networking Strategies: Webcasting gives you instant brand credibility in your niche. It offers you a lot of epiphanies and different laws of life. It helps you develop better intuitive skills as to the people you are connecting with.


How does webcasting relate to networking is, normally, when I’m networking or when I have that connection to someone, I like them. I want to get to know them better. I will invite them as a guest on one of our webcasts in our network, and then I will interview them, or maybe they’ll be the guest of honor like you were at the Tuesday Laws of Life talk show. That’s how they relate. The networking introduces me to them and the webcasting allows me to get to know them even more.

Give me an example of what topic or how you webcast. Share that with me. What are some of your go-to topics?

Every topic is completely guided and spontaneous based on the laws of life of the guest. We have 28 webcasts in our show collection. We have my signature show, the Laws Of Life Talk, Laws Of Love with the life coach, Laws Of Steps, and Laws Of Empowering Entrepreneurs that I do with Natan every Thursday at 11:00. Every Thursday, for example, with Natan and I, usually the expertise of the guests will lead the theme of the show and also the questions that the audience asks of the guests.

We had an incredible Dr. Grant on the show. Everybody was wildly excited about his technology. He can do a 388-page scan based on a 15-second voice recording and give you a complete assessment. Natan and his wife Carolyn, after that show, have now become a licensee and they’ve purchased that equipment. You never know what’s going to happen.

Another show we did was with Ken Course, expert to experts. He is also a lifetime instructor in the Essential Academy. He makes brilliant landing pages, workshops, and workbooks. That webcast led to the creation of our irresistible offer webinar. It was the time Ken and I did a combination service bundle and did a six-hour irresistible offer webinar because of that show. There is networking and webcasting, and then another collaboration is the ultimate climb to success.

You described it beautifully. It’s easy. Here’s why. Everybody’s going, “What? That didn’t sound easy.” It is. There are questions that are asked. People have real problems that they need solutions to and a course has been created, another collaboration, or a potentially new client right on the spot because as you’re answering their questions, they’re thinking, “This is exactly what I need.”

I have a membership site and we meet twice a month. It’s not just for me to answer. I want the collaboration of the group because you have all these brilliant minds together. The one young lady, we keep connecting and reconnecting. She’s in my orbit. She emailed me. She goes, “I’m trying to get into corporate clients. I feel like I have everything, but I don’t have everything.” I understood what she was saying.

“Can we jump on a call?” I’m like, “I’ll give you one hour.” No strings attached. In the end, she hired me. That’s the kind of thing. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re generous or when you’re having conversations and people do the know, like, and trust. They know, like, and trust you. They let their barriers down so when you’re having those one-on-one conversations, all of a sudden they’re like, “You get me. You’re the one I need.”

I met her at a networking event. It wasn’t like we went from networking to hiring me. There was a whole bunch of stuff that went on within that. That’s what you’re talking about. You use webcasting on your different shows like my show. It’s another venue to help build your team and network of people. It’s a lot of moving parts, but it’s easy when you start from a place of generosity and just, “I want to get to know you. How can we support each other?”

When you invite someone to be interviewed, they’ll never say no. Everybody wants to be interviewed and engage in a beautiful dialogue about what their wisdom or their laws of life are. You never know what it will lead to next.

When you invite someone to be interviewed, they will never say no. Everybody wants to be interviewed and engage in a beautiful dialogue about their wisdom and laws of life. Click To Tweet

The better people get to know you in an easy platform where it’s just conversation, usually network, especially on Zoom nowadays. It’s very you do the breakout rooms, but it’s very conversational, which is nice. Whereas when you’re live, sometimes you’re awkward as to when to walk away. When you’re in a breakout room, the timer is there. It forces the hands back so you can meet more people. I like Zoom networking because you can start to listen to what people are saying in the room and then zone into the people that you think, “I think we have the same client. We’re doing two different things. Maybe we could support each other,” or whatever the outcome is.


#1 Hosting Strategy

Here is another question for you. We talked about your number one strategy for your networking tool. When you talked about hosting, what is your number one strategy as you set that container up as the host? You do a nice job of getting everyone to talk. You control the timeframe. You’re very good at controlling so people don’t go off on tangents. What is your number one strategy as a host to create a safe platform but also the high engagement that you get?

The key is keeping it interactive. People only will stay if they feel their voice is heard. That’s what it means to be human. We have a deep desire to be heard. Therefore, I do use the Zoom app. It’s a timer. It’s a free app. For those of you who don’t know, Zoom has thousands of apps in the App Store and many of which are free. I use the timer app. I go around and do a popcorn style. I want the conversation to pop. I want lots of different voices to pop on an issue.

I do control the time. I give guests 30 or 60 seconds depending on how many people are in the meeting. We also have segment hosts. We have Cody Wooten in Laws of Leadership, Patti Stueland in Living Your Best Dash Life, and Tony Kaufman in Laws of Selling from the Stage. They each get two minutes to speak about a topic in their niche. We do about 7 or 8 mini-segments and then we sprinkle the guests through those mini-segments. We also go into breakouts for a longer dialogue, but the key is to let everybody have a voice.

You do a nice job of monitoring it and keeping it moving. It’s good. It’s that 30 seconds. We have to get better at short and concise communication. That forces people to show up, especially, the second time with you. They’re like, “I better show up prepared. Otherwise, I’m going to get the hook.” It’s great because being a person in the room from a networking perspective, I’m not going to want to meet everybody in the room. They’re not my client, I’m not their client potentially, or they’re not going to be able to help me. Some of them will be able to help me with whatever. I could potentially be their client. It gives you a real nice round-robin opportunity to find the right people that you need to talk to after the event. You do a nice job with that.

A lot of it has been practice. I’m continuously looking for new segment hosts. I’m looking for people that want to come on Tuesday, be a part of the show, and make it better. I’m looking for DJs. We occasionally have singers. I have an open mind to anybody that wants to connect to be a part of it.

That one young man was fabulous that sang. He has a beautiful voice. I’m wishing him tons of luck in his career. It’s fun. People reading are going, “Somebody sang?”

I heard about Instagram and I sent him a message. I said, “I think you’re an amazing singer. Would you come on Tuesday and sing forth?” He did. We make new friends. When you see people do something amazing on social media, send them a message. Tell them. Connect with them.

When you see people do something amazing on social media, send them a message and try to connect with them to build your network. Click To Tweet

Invite them to become part of getting to know you and your community because if you like them, chances are the peeps in your community will like them too. It becomes a win-win. It was funny because by the end of that too, I asked the question, “Do you do jingles?” I go, “That’s below you because he writes songs, sings, and performs. He has albums out there.” I don’t know if I’m dating myself. He has music out in the world. Somebody, by the end, said, “I need to redo the music for a workshop or something.” Ironically, he ended up getting business from it that you asked him to come and sing. That’s the magic of networking. You never know what’s going to happen.

I’d love to hear the follow-up. That’s what it’s all about. Let everybody in the room connect with one another. Let them be happy. Let them form friendships. We all elevate and empower one another.


Key Elements To Buiding The Platform

It has to be about rising ships. We want to ride that tide. What have been the key elements of building this platform? Was there technology? What did it take? You got it down to a science.

I knew I had a choice. This is the fundamental question I tell everybody, “If you’re going to have a business, do marketing, and build your digital identity, you have to answer one very simple question, either A) You’re going to learn how to do it yourself, or B) You’re going to pay someone to do it for you.” I knew I wanted to have a Roku television channel and a collection of many shows to become an expert broadcaster, live streamer, and talk show host. I knew that producing 28 shows would cost me millions to do that. I had to think, “How can I do this and achieve this goal of building my agency in the most cost-effective way?”

I self-taught myself live streaming and digital marketing. It took me about 1 year to 18 months to learn everything myself. As I learned, I practiced, and now it’s been a few years. One, I did teach myself the skills and now I’ve created a new course called Self Powered Entrepreneur, which is a six-month course where I teach everybody everything I know about how to build your platform and also be speaking on this topic at Tony Hoffman’s Vegas event. The bottom line is you need a great website and to constantly update it. You need webcasts, podcasts, and networking. Those are the core elements. Write a book if you’re writing, but use every tool in the toolbox to lift up your platform.

They’ll have to work together. That’s the other thing, by you learning firsthand. COVID allowed a lot of learning time. I took marketing classes because sales and marketing are very different things. Marketing gets them in the door. The sales conversation is where you discern whether the client’s a good fit for you, if you can help them, and all those things, and then have the sales conversation and ask for the business, but it’s a process.

I was not aware. I didn’t have good marketing for myself. I didn’t know what my brand was. I did a lot of marketing classes as well. I did hire people because I don’t ever want to do WordPress in any of that. Technology is not my jam at all, but I know what to ask and I know what to look for. I always think as a business owner, you should educate yourself. You could decide, like I did, not to do a website myself, but at least I knew what to expect and what to look for. I had done my own research.

To be an educated entrepreneur is important. There are certain areas of the business that I’m not going to master. I’m never going to be a professional accountant. It’s never going to happen because I have no interest in that topic, but we have to watch a few videos. We have to educate ourselves. You also to self-educate in those areas that you do outsource so that you make sure you’re paying the right amount, you’re not overpaying for the service, and you’re getting what you need to be done to protect your business.

CSG 98 | Networking Strategies
Networking Strategies: Self-educate yourself in those areas that you outsource. Make sure you are not overpaying for the service and you’re getting what you need to protect your business.


If you look back, and you’ve been doing this for many years, what has been your biggest or tangible gain that you can go, “It started with the networking?” Do you have an example for us that’s tangible for people? What do you think was your biggest gain as it relates to your networking efforts over the past years?


Biggest Gain With Networking

My biggest gain with networking is forming the best relationships that I’ve ever formed in my life that have led to tremendous business success and the opportunity to be of service to individuals and businesses. Are we in this for the long play? I am playing the long game. I’ve always played the long game. That’s how I’ve always played it because I want to lead with my heart and I want to work with people that I enjoy spending time with and being of service. Networking by far has been the most powerful community and tool to build the success of my digital brand.

It’s being visible. It’s that ripple effect. I have clients that are following me for a year. Let’s say they saw me speak at your networking, or I answered a question at that networking event, then they go, “Connie has a podcast. Let me tune into her podcast.” They start listening to the podcast. Here’s the cool thing. I do my two podcasts weekly. They’re weekly shows, eight podcasts a month. It’s hard to be not who you are when you do eight shows a month. The podcast is honest, plus people are usually listening with earbuds. It becomes very intimate and personal that it’s like you’re talking to them.

It’s very hard to not be yourself. People will follow me and then I do a workshop and, in the end, I have my offer, my $2,000 program for the nine weeks, then they’ll hire me. I don’t know if they were in my audience. Maybe I answered if I haven’t talked to them in a year. I don’t know if they’re following the show. They then come to this workshop and buy, and I go, “How did you find me?” They go, “I’ve been following you for one year.” I go, “I’m excited. What turns you on?” They’re like, “We listened to your podcast.” She’s talking to me again. I’m the right person for them. It’s this subconscious energy that we put out there, but it matters. Everybody has a phone. Everybody has an opportunity to see you and listen to you, especially in different venues. They get to know you before they even have an opportunity to hire you.

That’s the key to building trust. Oftentimes, the networking piece or the webcast will kick off that exposure then people get to know you and see what you’re creating through your artistic digital expression, whether it’s a webcast, a podcast, a book, or an interview. It’s a great way for people to get to know you. That’s a wonderful story.

CSG 98 | Networking Strategies
Networking Strategies: The networking piece will kick off that exposure through your webcast. People will get to know you and see what you’re creating through your artistic digital expression.


That’s how it works. It’s this very intangible, “I don’t know what’s going on,” because it’s all going on behind the scenes. That’s the way magic and the universe work, whatever you want to call it. I call it magic. I love magic in my life. That’s the reality. You meet people and you never know when the opportunity is going to strike. It’s going to be, “I have to call Blanca or Connie. This is the perfect project for us to work on.” We might not have talked for three months. That’s the idea. It’s all that magic that goes on that energetic exchange that’s happening behind the scenes. We don’t even know what’s happening, but we can contribute to it using webcasting, podcasting, your business, branding, or LinkedIn articles that you might write. You do a lot on Facebook Lives.

I try to go live several mornings a week. It’s not only talking about the sunny shine news. It’s also being real and authentic. Sometimes you’re having a bad morning, you share about it. What can you learn? Believe it or not, going live is great for the soul because you’re connecting with your community and with the people that follow you. You’re having a conversation. It’s not about anything but connecting. If you lead with the heart and connect, everything else will follow.

Networking is not about anything but connecting. If you lead with the heart and connect, everything else will follow. Click To Tweet

You preach to the choir. I love it. It’s true. It’s as easy as that. We make it more complicated because we think it should be more complicated to get business development, networking, and everything we’re talking about. Here’s the other thing. For me, meeting people is fun. As we close, I have to share it with you. I have a friend out in the Pacific Northwest. He has a networking that I belong to. It’s networking for introverts. I cracked up. He invited me, and I said, “I’m not an introvert.” He said, “You’re very generous, and I think that introverts can learn from you.” Here’s the kicker. Most introverts make good salespeople and business owners because they’re very good at listening.


Test The Network

They’re used to sitting back and observing. When you say things like this, they go, “How?” You have these great conversations. I was like, “Me? Introvert?” I’m meeting amazing people. I’m referring to them because they’re amazing at what they do. They’re referring to me. If you think that’s probably not the right network for you, test it. That’s my other always recommendation. Test the network and see if it’s your fit vibe with people because it’s all that energetic exchange that happens. Do you feel the same way when you’re picking networking groups that you want to attend or join?

I’ve given many of my groups. I do believe in consistently showing up. I don’t jump around to too many different groups either. You should make a commitment to a group for a minimum of six months, then look at it and see, “How’s it working? How have the people been? Did you get any business from the group?” If you’re not getting any business from the group, maybe it’s not the right group. You could be getting no business but meeting amazing friends.

It’s always a mixed bag. You should test, but I’ll tell you one thing. If you think showing up three times is enough, you’re fooling yourself because I have people that have been coming for three years and they’re still getting business from the networking group. Most importantly, we’re building friendships based on authenticity, trust, and liking each other. We’re going to deeper and higher levels now because we’ve continued to show up for each other as long as we have. You can’t just drop him once and say, “Nothing happened.” You have to make at least a six-month commitment and then assess.

I met you through Tony through her Week of Kindness. She’s going to do it again. That will be my third or fourth time with her. Last time, as I was meeting people, I said, “Tony’s good on the stage.” She teaches a lot during the Week of Kindness, as well for you as one of the presenters. She’s a love to work with because she’s a joy. She’s one of those kind of people out there that you want to be around. I refer to her a ton. It’s never about the money. It’s because of what she’s doing and you see what people need in my network. I’m like, “Bring it over here.” It’s about sharing that wealth as well as sharing each other because that’s when the magic starts happening when we could co-mingle each other into the fold.

Readers, here’s the deal. You need more Blanca in your life. She’s in my life. I already got her. I highly recommend you join her world as well. Blanca’s website is, and her email is If you have a specific question, please reach out to her. She is lovely and she’s very responsive. She has a free gift. It’s to your networking platform. It’s free access. Can you talk a little bit about it? What do they get?

Every Tuesday at 11:00 by subscribing, you’ll receive the link to enter into the Zoom Networking Of The Laws Of Life every Tuesday from 11:00 AM Eastern to 12:30 PM Eastern.

You will see me there. When I’m not training with my corporate clients, Blanca is my backup and my go-to person. We can have some fun. Thank you, Blanca. That’s very generous of you to offer that. For anybody serious about networking, this is a great one to jump into. Everyone is lovely, sharing, and safe. I can’t say enough good things. If you’re thinking about networking or trying to find the right network to join, I highly recommend testing this one out. Blanca, thank you for being generous and sharing that with my readers.

Thank you for having me.

It’s always enjoy spending time with you.

You’re truly an inspiration.

Back at you my friends. Thank you again for being on and taking the time out of your busy day. I hope everyone found value in our conversation. Networking, I believe, is the core of a successful career because you need your people when you try to change companies, as well as a business owner to keep you not only surviving but thriving. It does come down to networking. Thank you, Blanca. Thank you all for joining me.

I hope you continue reading. I wish everyone a wonderful inspired week and join Blanca’s network. Come and play. I’ll be there 6 out of 10 times. See what it’s about. Join us, learn, and let’s grow together. That’s where the magic happens. It’s always in growth. I’ll see you next episode. I’m honored that you join me every episode and I wish you a wonderful week. Take care.


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