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If you have been following this show and me for a while, you have heard me say often that sales and marketing are two different things, and that every business must pay attention to both sides of the same coin. I see both pieces of the business puzzle as married entities that need to work together to execute business growth.

So, in the world of marketing, we need to be sure we have a marketing plan that supports the strategy or growth plan of the business. Since I am a sales expert and not a marketing expert, I hire people to help my business with these strategies. So how do you build quality marketing support?

The Best Way To Find Reliable Marketing Support With John Bertino (EP. 109)

As always, I am thrilled that you are joining us and I hope that you tuned in to the show and that you feel my passion about helping you on your journey of change, specifically as it relates to sales and business and hopefully your professional career. The objective of the show is to help you between my guests and me, take little things, little ideas, little strategies, put them in place, and watch the magic that happens for you.

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Now, my motivational quote is by the amazing Warren Buffett, and Warren says, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Now, if you have been following my show or me for a while, you have heard me say that sales and marketing are two different things and that every business has to pay attention to both sides of the same coin. I see both pieces of the business puzzle, so the marketing and sales. They are a married entity, and they have to work together to be able to grow business or grow your career.

In the world of marketing, we need to be sure that we have a marketing plan that supports the strategy of the growth plan that we have for our business. Now, since I’m a sales expert and not a marketing expert, I hire people to help me with those business strategies. How do we build a good marketing team that delivers?

About John Bertino:  

CSG 109 | Reliable Marketing SupportJohn is the founder of The Agency Guide (TAG), a collective of seasoned marketing execs built to help brands source reliable marketing partners that produce extraordinary results. 

As a university professor, SCORE business mentor, and 15+ year marketing consultant, John has helped brands of all sizes across all verticals source agencies for SEO, content marketing, branding, PR, and more.


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I’m glad you asked. I have an expert. My expert is John Bertino. Now John is the Founder of The Agency Guide, TAG, a collective of seasoned marketing execs built to help brand source reliable marketing partners that produce those extraordinary results. As a university professor score business mentor and fifteen-plus years marketing as a marketing consultant, John has helped brands of all sizes all across vertical source agencies for SEO, content marketing, branding, PR, and so much more. Please help me welcome John to the show. Thanks for being on, John. I’m excited to have you here.

Thank you. I’m pleased to be here. Great intro. I’m excited to talk more about marketing and how we can help businesses.


Increase In Demand For Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been important, but I feel since COVID, new businesses have jumped into the game, and I feel there’s even more noise than there was. In business for many years, I have seen the shift. Have you seen a shift in the need for marketing, or has it always been the same for you?

CSG 109 | Reliable Marketing Support

There’s been an increase in demand for digital marketing service providers. On the flip side, you see more and more individuals and or small teams trying to jump in and position themselves as marketing agencies. Some rightfully so, some not so rightfully so, as is always the case with marketing. There’s been an increase. Businesses want to hedge essentially. Even if they are not ready to go full bore online or sell exclusively direct to consumers online, they want to have the ability to do so if or when they need to like many of them did during COVID.


The Marketing Agency Landscape

Here’s the thing. It’s changing the sales game. Change is part of business, end of story. I don’t care what aspect we are talking about. It happens to be marketing. Your agency model is a little different. Do you think there are flaws in the marketing agencies, especially with the engagement tools for clients?

We like to position ourselves as a consultancy, although we often get referred to as an agency. We are a consultancy that ultimately match-makes brands with vetted marketing agencies. There’s always been a bit of a flaw. The marketing agency landscape is riddled, unfortunately with unseasoned practitioners or people that are faking it till they make it. Marketing agency, because it allows itself to be done virtually, is a lifestyle business until that agency grows and graduates to the real thing.

The marketing agency landscape is riddled, unfortunately, with unseasoned practitioners or people who are faking it till they make it. Share on X

A lot of folks that are digitally savvy, I hesitate to say younger folks, but folks that are digitally native and grew up with the technology in their hands, see the market becoming a marketing agency as an appealing business and career path for themselves. The net though is, as I said, all of these individuals out there calling themselves marketing experts, whether that’s warranted or not.

For a decade prior to launching this, I worked for different marketing agencies and I worked for good agencies most of the time. Not every agency I worked with was incredible. The landscape that I was mentioning created a conundrum, a challenge for me as a business development rep to differentiate the companies I was working for, which were great companies versus all of the Johnny Come Latelies.

After years of experiencing this, I said, “Maybe I can do something about this. Maybe instead of representing one agency, I can represent a lot of them.” Now it’s 200 and essentially, put the right projects with the right agencies, vetted agencies, and help brands trying to navigate this minefield through that process so that they can find themselves working with the right teams.

I have to tell you, it’s tough because there are so many moving parts. There are moving parts to sales. There are a bunch of behaviors and skills that we need to develop. It’s the same thing with marketing? In my world and it seems like in your world as well, it’s never a one-size-fits-all. Cookie-cutter doesn’t work for me.

Who’s ever in front of me from a client perspective, I try to customize the options that I could potentially offer. If I’m not the right person, I have a tremendous network out there because I have been doing this for many years. With globalization, Zoom, and COVID, my network has exploded. Right before we started, we were talking about the show.


Marrying The Need And The Solution

You are starting a podcast. I’m like, “I got a guy.” It’s a Jersey thing. We got a guy here in Jersey. John and I are both Jersey kids. We have to be able to share that bandwidth. For you to create an actual consultancy where you have these 200 “marketing agencies,” if you have me come in and I need one piece of a puzzle, you would know whom to send me to. You marry the need, whatever the project is for the business owner of the company, and then you match it with the actual agency, the marketing people that are a good fit for me. Correct?

Correct. Yet, there’s another layer to this as well. Myself and the other team members on TAG, there are five of us. Each one of us has at least 1 decade, if not, 2 decades or so of experience behind us. As we are meeting and consulting with the brands, we are providing seasoned guidance along the way in an objective fashion. That is so key.

As I often say, when you contact an agency, many of them tend to specialize in certain areas of marketing. They have an unfortunate bias to try to solve your marketing and sales challenges with what it is they offer. For example, if you call an SEO agency, 9 times out of 10, they want to fix your problems with SEO. You call a branding-focused creative agency, 9 times out of 10, the issue is your brand, messaging, and look.

Since we collectively represent about 200 different teams, it allows us the luxury of being extremely objective and saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Customer, Mr. and Mrs. Company versus solopreneur, if we were in your shoes, here’s where we would be putting marketing dollars and why. Here’s what fair and honest investments in those marketing channels look like and why. Here’s realistically what you can and should expect from those investments and why. Here’s when you should pull the plug and why.”

We do all of this consulting, as I said, pro bono for free because we make our revenues through the agencies we represent if and when you choose to hire them, which is a final key detail. Our organization only gets paid if that brand hires the agency, and more so, if they stay with them, which creates a real and authentic incentive for us to try our absolute hardest, but the right project with the right team, with the right expectations. That’s what we have been doing for many years now.

Remarkable. Here’s why I love this. It’s the real deal because you are tested and that longevity. It’s all about the relationship. Your business development too, has to be about that relationship. A couple of things I bet happens for you right now. I put my sales hat on for a sec. By you doing that and playing that long game for every client you are in front of, it’s not about the quick hit. This is how much money I can charge you for whatever it might be.

From your zone of genius, you have these 200 different resources that you tap into. You pick the right one. The client stays with them longer, which benefits you. You get paid more if they stay. Here’s the thing. If the client is thrilled, they got to be sending you referrals like we were talking about, the people who produce my show.

I have been with them for many years. They are amazing. Of course, I refer them. Same thing. If I’m working with you and your company, that consultancy puts me with the right people to do whatever I’m trying to do from a marketing branding perspective. I’m going to send all my people to you. This is a brilliant model.

Thank you very much. Something that you and your other sales-first readers are going to love, I’m a digital marketing guy. Our number one channel is and always has been referrals. My whole career has been in SEO, how to rank higher in search engines. I spend every day talking about content marketing, digital advertising, social media, marketing, and branding. I believe in all of these channels, and they all have a proper place in your marketing mix but our number one marketing driver of new clients is referrals.

CSG 109 | Reliable Marketing Support
Reliable Marketing Support: All of these channels have a proper place in your marketing mix, but the number one marketing driver of new clients is referrals.


I will share a funny story. We started when COVID hit. I had done everything corporate, and I had done everything live. All of a sudden, the breaks went on. Nobody wanted me, which meant I had no income coming in. You are like, “What do I do now?” As I started networking online because I did everything live, I meet people. Small businesses started saying, “I like you. I like what you are saying. It resonates with me. Can you help me with my sales?”

Of course, I could do that. The other cool thing that happens with this whole explosion of this digital world is, all of a sudden, I started looking at my business going, “I don’t know this. I don’t know that.” There were all of these things that I didn’t know that I had to reach out to people and ask for help. Where were you years ago?

We would have met, but here we are now.


Common Denominators In Successful Agencies

Tens of thousands of dollars were spent. I love this model that you are sharing, and it’s super cool. What are some of the key factors that you see in successful agencies that are good with that client engagement? I’m assuming 200 are good at what they do.

We certainly think so. The question is, what’s a common thread among successful agencies? One thing jumps out immediately, and that is clarity and honesty about what it is they do best. Part and partial to that, not trying to fudge on all of the other aspects of marketing, so they can secure that business. Pretty universally, the strongest teams we represent are those that are fairly narrow in what they like to offer, or at least maybe they have a plethora of marketing options, but they are clear, transparent, and forthright with where their core strengths are. As opposed to the old omnichannel, we do everything full-service marketing agency.

I have been known to highlight this point, and I feel a little bit bad every time for my full-service friends out there because a lot of agencies are out there saying full service. Not only do I think it often works against them in terms of their business model, but also works against them, in terms of sales or cultivating new business opportunities. Unless you are a large team, the truth of the matter is you are not going to be great at everything. Why lead out and say that you are? That’s the first thing.

The second thing I would say is a universal thread across the best agencies I see. Generally speaking, there’s a consistency in the way in which those agencies field sales calls or business development discussions. You and I both hate the word sales or the baggage that comes with it. I have heard you say that in other episodes, and I can relate to that. Great agencies tend to have real authenticity in the way they look at authenticity in general, but specifically in the way they look at a situation.

Again, there’s that word objectivity to be objective and say, “We are or aren’t a good fit for this.” Also, being authentic in making sure the prospective client understands what they are talking about. This might seem like a minor point, but if you are out there trying to source an agency and that perspective agency is trying to talk over your head. That’s almost their strategy to win you over. Use big words, use lots of jargon, and make you feel inferior.

You should almost always run for the hills. Not only is that a bad sign and a bad way to be in general, but that culture permeates throughout the entire organization. You get a bunch of people at that agency that tends to want to talk over your head or make you feel like an idiot so that you trust them and do what they say. Instead, look for that agency that takes the time to make sure you understand, and talks in as plain English as they possibly can to explain to you what they are doing and why. Again, they carry that overarching air of authenticity in what they say and the way they communicate.

CSG 109 | Reliable Marketing Support
Reliable Marketing Support: Many marketing agencies’ strategy to win you over is to use big words, lots of jargon, and make you feel inferior. You should almost always run for the hills.


Here’s the kicker. There’s enough freaking business to go around for all of us. That’s that whole abundance mentality. When you niche in and you dial into what you are good at, I’m good at intangible sales. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, it’s not my zone of genius. Could I help you? Maybe. Are there better people out there that could do a better job?

Of course, because that’s not my zone of genius. I feel when you stay in your lane, you get good at what you are good at and your experience brings to the table, there’s so much business that needs that exact piece of the puzzle so that you can almost create exactly what you did, which is brilliant, by the way. If I haven’t said that once, I have got to say it again.

You brought this team of experts together and you are the little quarterback that meets the client and says, “This is where you are in the business growth model.” Are you a startup? Are you mid? Are you in scaling? You know who they need and you go to those 200 people, which is quite a hefty team. Bench strength that you are bringing to the table for every client you meet. You are the quarterback who’s handing off.

Now I have another question about that. Those 200 people, so let’s say you give me the XYZ company for whatever my marketing needs are, and we accomplish that next piece, and the next piece of the puzzle, let’s say, is SEO and that’s not their zone of genius. Do they throw the ball back to you or do they hand it off to one of the other 200 people as well? What are the dynamics of that? How’s that set up? I’m curious.


Boutique Vs Giants

Let me clarify what our roster looks like and then get back to your question. I was glad you put agencies in quotes earlier because that’s the thing. An agency by 2022 standards is pretty loosely defined. What is a marketing agency at this point? There are plenty of individual solopreneurs calling themselves a marketing agency. A husband-and-wife duo can easily be a marketing agency. You have the Publicis of the world, the Dentsus of the world, these massive global conglomerates that are not only marketing agencies but own multiple marketing agencies then you have everything in between.

When we say we represent about 200 teams, the vast majority of those teams we represent are boutique-ish in nature. That’s not a polite way of saying small. Boutique, meaning that they tend to be very experienced. We prefer to associate our name and our brand with experienced teams that tend to be, but are not always fairly niche, fairly narrow in their offering. Some of them are somewhat larger, and some of them offer multiple services, but the vast majority tend to be fairly boutique, tend to be fairly narrow.

On the flip side, we have got a handful, or a couple of handfuls of experienced solar entrepreneurs that when the situation calls for it, we will plug in that individual. Put another way, it’s the old 80/20. About 80% of our roster are teams that are, call it 5 to 25, maybe 5 to 50-man operations. Fairly small, and fairly narrow. Back to your question, there are a couple of different aspects, and your question again was, “What happens if one need is solved for the brand and then they have a different marketing need and the agency doesn’t do it?”

In some cases, it depends on what the needs are. If the needs are closely related, for example, SEO and PPC, PPC is the general term for search engine advertising, Pay-Per-Click advertising on a search engine. A lot of SEO firms offer those two things and often just those two things. They offer organic search marketing and paid search marketing. That’s a good example of two closely related needs that commonly come up that can be solved by the same agency.

On the flip side, you will have things like a brand that has deep creative chip issues and creative challenges, but they also want to drive traffic and they need digital ads. It’s less common that a good boutique firm does both strong branding and web creative and then also specializes in PPC ads. It’s not impossible, but it’s less common you are going to find those under one roof.

CSG 109 | Reliable Marketing Support
Reliable Marketing Support: It’s less common that a good boutique firm does both strong branding and web creative and then also specializes in PPC ads. It’s not impossible, but it’s less common to find them under one roof.


The simple answer is yes, once the one need is solved, that brand can come back to me and we will address the other needs. That’s only going to happen if they work with that first agency and they love the experience they have, which is yet another incentive on our part to make sure that we point them in the right direction, set honest expectations, and connect them with a true professional that’s going to treat them well so they do come back when they have those other marketing needs.

It behooves everybody on the team to play nice. When I do the right thing for your original client and I send them back to you, now you hand me off to the next piece of my puzzle. The client is thrilled. Also, all the people within your consultancy, those 200, they are doing the right thing for you. You are going to continue to trust them and send clients going forward because they consistently do a good job. They are dependable. You know what you are going to get and that they are going to do the right thing. That’s that authenticity.

Everybody uses the word authentic. I don’t find that everybody’s authentic out there. They have this little hidden agenda and the way your model is set up, I almost feel it insulates against you almost set it up so you have to behave that way. Otherwise, you are not going to live long within the 200 people that you are referring over. It helps them get those referrals that we talked about early on. Now, you are referring back to them. They are referring back to you. It becomes this almost mini ecosystem where the tide is rising. The ships are going up together. It’s beautiful.

I can tell that you authentically love it. For those of that are reading, I can tell you are feeling it. You are maybe even more right than you realize about how I deliberately set this up years ago. If I could share quickly a little bit of the story. I hated being a “salesperson” for an agency with the expectations around me that classically are applied to salespeople, which are you close the deal, you make deals happen, there’s a quota in performance you have to meet, and you sell marketing services. You better be out there slinging marketing services.

I hated that. When I got on the phone with somebody, I wanted to offer a consultative approach to it, a truly authentic and big-hearted approach to solving their problems. Unfortunately, the agencies I worked for may or may not have been the best fit for that. What I would do is I would turn them away like I’m telling you, the best agencies do.

I would turn them away if they weren’t a good fit, but that wasn’t always good for my bank account. That wasn’t always good for my employer. From a shallow business perspective, it wasn’t ideal to do that but I hated that conundrum. I wish I could solve everyone’s needs and I wish I could do so without disappointing my employer while at the same time, turning away business that could be business for myself somehow. The solution found me. It represented a bunch of agencies instead of one and voila.

Moreover, this model exists in most industries. This idea of an intermediary comes to the table and helps you choose the right options in an objective way and then brings you to those solutions. You see it in finance. That’s what a financial advisor does. I saw it in the industrial manufacturing space where sales rep groups would serve as that intermediary, guiding the distributors they were selling to on what products they should buy and why. They would independently represent the manufacturers. As I foray into the marketing space, they’d said, “We could bring that manufacturer’s rep model to the marketing world.” Years later, never looked back.

It’s true. I was a financial advisor, so I love that. I will share a funny story. You mentioned quotas too. To build on what you are saying and why you started your agency and why ultimately, I started my business, I feel like we are in alternate universes, parallel universes that are side by side. When I was a financial advisor, I loved that whomever I sat in front of, I had this pool of options that could meet based on risk, objectives, timeframes, and all of that. I loved digging in and finding the solution.

To me, that’s sales, educating, and helping them find the right solution for where they are short term and long term. I remember we had this new product come in. It was a great product, but for a young individual and my market, I had mostly middle-aged to seniors. I remember my boss saying to me, “You have to sell ten of these a week or every Friday, you are going to come out to Jamesburg here in New Jersey and we are going to teach you more about the product.”

I sat there and raised my hands. I’m never disrespectful ever but I said to him, “I had been doing this for many years. My reputation doing this, if it’s the right product for the client, I am all in. I love this product. It’s great. If it’s not and you want me to sell ten, then put my name on the list and I will let you know if I’m going to be here on Friday if I sold my ten. Don’t tell me what to sell because I don’t know who’s walking in the door for you to tell me this is the product we are pushing because you promised whatever that company that was offering that product. You promised whatever numbers.”

“It has nothing to do with me. My reputation is my reputation.” This is nonsense, unfortunately, why sales get a bad rap. It’s exactly what you described. Your model hedges against that crap going on of, “I have a quota. I have to send so much business to this representative.” You build that respect and that internal referral, that many ecosystems.

You got it. You are spot on. the equivalent in my space would be if I was forced to sell SEO to everybody because I worked for an SEO agency, which is the situation to a degree. Force might be a strong word depending on the agency you are working for, but the expectation is you work for a branding agency. You push brand creative and brand refreshes. That’s what we do.

You work for a PPC agency, the expectation is you are going to sell the virtues and tout the virtues of digital ads over and above organic SEO or over and above worrying about your brand. That’s innately flawed. Again, that’s where objectivity comes in. There are no quotas and we have no one to answer to. We can look at every situation and say, “Here’s what we would do if we were you and why.”

It’s funny because I feel even though I do all the sales stuff, sales service, and then co-teach managers how to coach their teams after the training happens, who’s watching? It’s accountability, but it’s also a reinforcement because you can’t come to training in one day and have all the skills down. There’s this whole practice and ongoing process that needs to be in place. When I’m not the right person or I see a need, I’m good at handing it off, as we did before the phone call when you mentioned you were going to do a show. I know someone. I trust them. I vetted them. They are priced fairly. That’s who you should do business with. What happens when we give those referrals?


The #1 Marketing Tip

You are going in already with the know, like, and trust factor because somebody that I already trust has referred me to you or whoever. It becomes a win-win-win situation. You win as the consultant, the agency wins, and the clients win. They are getting exactly what they need because your team has such a good bandwidth on marketing and where and what I need at this given moment in my business. I love it. If you could give the best cutting-edge marketing tip, 1 or 2, what would it be, other than hiring you? To me, that’s the first tip.

We are free. You don’t have to. You can hire us, but we are free.

This is craziness. This is madness.

I have to give the standard response at first to say that it depends. It’s situational in terms of what’s the best number one marketing tip. It is incredibly situational. With that classic caveat, my background where I started it is in the SEO space, which is ranking higher in search engines for those that don’t know. One of the first things you learn about ranking higher in search engines, i.e., SEO, is that the content you put on your site is important. Notice I said content and not keywords because it’s not about jamming words into the site. That hasn’t been the way you do it for decades now. It’s about the content.

The content, not keywords, you put on your site is important. It's not about jamming words into the site. It's about the content. Share on X

Even those that know that at a rudimentary level, their feeling is that they need to produce more content and longer form content. This is where I want to start to answer your question about the number one tip. Content is king. Even this SEO aside, content is king. Content’s super important. You hear it all the time in the social media space.

For inbound content marketing strategies or SEO strategies, if that jargon means anything to you, again, it all comes back to content. There’s this gross misconception that it’s about content for content’s sake, regularly producing content to do it. It’s again about longer form. While that was true for a little while there, these days, we are far beyond that. It’s much more about quality content, the right content for the right people at the right time in the right place in the right format which is what I tell my students at Drexel University.

It starts with keyword research, understanding what the needs and objectives are of your different part audience personas. Notice I said different because the right content is going to be different depending on the audience segment you are speaking to. Truly understanding how to best answer their questions in a useful way. Notice I emphasize useful. If the content isn’t useful, it’s not doing the user any good. It’s also not doing you any good as a marketer or someone that’s trying to manipulate a search engine. I say manipulate because the search engines are looking at how useful the content is.

That’s the takeaway if you are going to go through that effort to create something, and this goes for social media as well. The content needs to be useful and enticing and it should evoke some type of emotion. Do not be swayed or bought into this notion of, “I need to churn out a bunch of content because that’s what digital marketers tell me I should do.” That’s my one tip.

It’s a good tip because I the amount of time and money that I have spent in the past few years and did not get the mileage or the results I expected, and you want to laugh, the best result I got was referrals. I’m still living off my referrals. Here’s the thing, I am not naive. I have been in sales for many years in business, so people know me.

I get it. I have always lived in Jersey, although now I have more of a digital, more expansive presence globally, but I have been doing it for a long time. For new people coming out, I understand you might not be able to live off referrals initially because you have to get some clients to be able to get those referrals generated. After COVID, shifting over to that private market, I wasted a lot of time and money because it was misrepresented to me. I didn’t know better because I’m sales, I’m not marketing this. It was a lot of new language for me to understand as well.

I don’t think I’m alone in that. I’m not stupid. I might not be the most intelligent bulb in the box, but I’m certainly not stupid yet I made some bad choices. I love what you said, and the one thing I heard is to create content, hire someone, write more blogs, and hire someone to do it. I needed it, but I needed it to be my voice and not always hire someone to do things.

We are misguided a lot of the time based on, “I have to pay the bills this month. I need your business.” Let me go ahead and I could do it for you. It might not be the best out there, but I could get the job done at the basic level. That to me, that’s not good enough. I don’t do anything at the basic level for my clients. I can see you don’t either. It’s a Jersey thing. I think it’s the Jersey water. What do you think?

You might be onto something.

Everybody, whether you are one of my corporate peeps out there or you are a private entity like myself, this is a free resource to me. It’s a no-brainer. You will get to the right place to achieve whatever the objective is. Marketing is important. I know that as a sales expert. If I didn’t have marketing, I’d be in trouble. Go to the website, which is If you have a specific question, email and you have a free eBook. John, do you want to tell everybody?

We do but because we do so much consulting in SEO, I want to emphasize that we consult and place on all aspects of marketing, not just SEO, but it’s how we started. It’s how I started. We do a lot of work in that space because frankly, there are so many bad SEO agencies that need to be navigated around. We do have a great eBook for local businesses who I feel are often the most preyed upon by some of these agencies to help them understand the truth around local business SEO and how to rank their brick-and-mortar business better. It’s a free eBook. It’s 90 pages. We will get that out so your readers have access and our consultations are free. Our whole process is free. That’s a free gift for your readers as well.

If they want to consult, they certainly can email you, but they could go to the website and that page is there to fill out if they are interested in meeting to discuss where they are, what their situation is, and who might be a good fit for them.

True to marketing best practices, there’s a contact form on every page, and if not, you can find that contact form super easily.

If they have a specific question, John is cool. He’s a good guy. If you have a little bit of doubt, don’t be foolish. Reach out to John. Ask your question to become comfortable and then, do the contact form as the secondary. Download the eBook. It’s a wealth of information. I’m sure 90 pages is pretty lengthy. John, what a delight. We have never met. This is a new one for me because he’s in Jersey too. Usually, I’m in people in Europe. Thank you so much for taking the time to be on, and keep rocking your bad self out there. You are doing good stuff. I love it.

My pleasure. Appreciate it very much. Thank you for having me. It was a real treat.

I enjoyed our conversation. I feel like I learned so much. Thank you for that. I love to be educated as well. I hope you will join me weekly as we question, build, and discover together. No matter where you are, your career, your business, doesn’t matter. I hope between my guests and I, that the information we are sharing is useful, number one, but take the information and do something with it. Download the eBook. Email John. Go to the website. Whatever it is that we discussed, implement it. When you put that information into action, that’s when the reaction and magic start happening for you, your company, and your business.

John, thank you so much for being on. Thank you for joining me. I’m truly honored to have you on this journey of business growth or personal growth. When you come and tune in to the show, I’m honored that you are here and happy to be on the journey with you. We have got this. Let’s make some magic out there. Let’s have some fun doing it. Connect with John and hopefully, he can help you move the needle. 2023 is coming fast. Let’s make sure we are arms and ready to explode out of the gate. Have a great one, John. I will see you all next episode.


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